Friday, January 22, 2016

To The Windows, To The Walls.

This was one of my faves from this year painting alongside Max Sansing and Slugs. I basically scrapped all of my scraps and forced colors to play along with each other, while Max effortlessly gave this beyatch blue hair and it seemed to work just fine. 

Played Bar Deville with the Trimms. People are childish pricks sometimes who never mature after high school. This bunch all from either the suburbs or Michigan or the suburbs of Michigan had no fucking manners. Just thinking we were there for their individual needs and pleasures. THE UNIVERSE IS BIGGER THAN YOUR SHITTY SELF DICK. Get the fuck over yourself and if you want to hear a song so fucking bad, go to your car for 4 minutes and get it out of your system you fucking twat. 

This is the only shot i have from the dinner Bryan from Untitled did for his pop up because we all ended up just getting drunk and doing drugs. 

At Fobab killin it on the display. Tucker and co. know how to get the fucking job done son! 

I spelled surprise wrong. No one caught it until the sign was installed. 

Lunch at the garage for Kimski day. These are the chopsticks that inspired the tattoo on my arm. 

Got invited to be the cook for the Drop Leaf Dinner pop up. Different venue, different mixologist and different chef all with a theme. I got German for my Eastern European roots. Hard to cook out of a bike shop but pulled it off with a rented 10 foot long grill on a patio, a super fucking hangover, and all the adderall my brain could handle. 

Did I mention hangovers? Because this night was one for the books. Haven't been to a bottle share in a while and this was definitely the one to get raped on. Alex has his annual Black Wednesday bottle share and basically has friends bring in some of the best and rarest beers. Were they all good? No, but its always a good time sharing, dranking, and yelling at people across the room. 

This is one of the first steps in making hot sauce. From these four variations, another 16-20 variations will be produced and tasted. My face, anus, and mouth took a beating that day/night. In the end, an awesome bottle of hot sauce was born from this and it made me glad to know that other peoples assholes would be burning along with mine in solidarity. 

Probably one of the smallest and annoying pieces I've painted. I salute anybody that can work on a ladder for more than fours hours. That shit sucks. It doesn't help to have these two weirdos staring the whole time either. 

PK has a lot of friends. I guess it happens when you're a nice person. Fuck that guy. His bday party was a hoot and a nanny tho. 

Got to stage at El Ideas before painting the place to draw "inspiration" and free labor. Lunch break consisted of frozen gyros and laughs. 

Molecular Gastronomic Splooge.

Most awkward picture of the year goes to...

The next day I made burgers. 

In a make shift alley for a wedding on one of the hottest days of the year. 

Have I mentioned how much I hate working on ladders? Most of the time was spent going up and down the damn thing and moving the ladder back back forth and forth. I made sure to take the worst shots so you couldn't see any of the details. 

If you ever want to get depressed, go to a Sox game towards the end of a losing season...yeesh! 

Oh look, more fucking ladders. 


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