Friday, January 22, 2016

Midwest Marauders.

So with one month out and no date of an opening for Kimski, I decided to buy a ticket to Miami for Art Basel week. I found a round eye ticket for like 75 dollars! So assembling a motley crew of regulars and a few rookies, we all met up down there and did our damn thing. Yes, this is mine. 

Great finally meeting these two. They are super humble, mega clean and basically legends in my book. I'm also their age which made me feel very unaccomplished. Thanks jerks. 

Always with these two. 

Painted this the morning of a cooking gig I picked up with the homie Danny. 

Get it? Paint the sauces bro. 

So it was an interactive pop up dinner where graphics would play after each course and guests would be interact with their food and such. It was a very cool concept and executed well considering the conditions. The visual team from Canada rocked it out and Danny did his damn thing. I stood around eating raw fish like a fucking weirdo. 

And then I got to play with some of the plating. We did four seatings of 20 this evening and I ended up stealing a bottle of whiskey and calling it a night after we were done. 

Glad I stopped into check out the homie Mear One's piece. Shit is all deep and metaphysical and time travelin and shit.

Jose Mertz and Caratoes. 

Kaptain Kris being interviewed before the big Art Basel X Secret Walls battle. This was an amazing experience to be a part of with artists from all over the world represented and working together for the first time. Everyone was super cool and willing to just work through the massive shit show this was about to become. 

Nychos doing what he does best...being weird. 

At the end of it all, it was pretty impressive to see 10 artists all collaborate and the energy that was in the room from all the awesome people cheering on. I was covered in black paint and beer with my pant legs rolled up and doused in sweat by the time this evening was over. 

The next morning wouldn't be any better in Fort Lauderdale. At least the weather was finally nice. 

The homies Cents, Fonte and I giving this mural a facelift from last year adding in a few more elements to this wall. Fonte decided to wear a tie die tank to fit in as a local pedophile. 

This bar in Ft. Lauderdale was awesome. Its set up like a cafe/bar/liquor store where you just pick a beer out of the cooler or get a draft and then pay for it at the end of the night. Good vibe and the locals didn't seem to mind sharing the space with some loud mouthed Chicagoans. 

Back to rain. 

My phone deleted a lot of photos for some reason or doesn't want to transfer them over to here, so a lot of the food I got to eat, the air bnb, all the beer, and other mischief captured on this trip, but you win some, and then your phone fucking sucks and its impossible to figure out the hell is going on because the language presented and retrieval methods all make no fucking sense to you god damn it!!!!

I post photos on instagram as well - @revisecmw

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