Friday, January 22, 2016

Its Not All About You...It Actually Kind Of Is.

Did an ode to Logan Square in Logan Square for Logan Square featuring many Logan Square businesses and Logan Square Logan Square. 

Sometimes my view from work is pretty stellar. All of these new condo's are basically like dorms complete with a gym and a little party room you can rent and fuck up with views like this. I've done several of these private events and as cynical as I can get at times, I always do stop to take in the views...and then drink all of the clients booze and make fun of them behind their back. 

Stopped by Untitled Supper Club where the homie Bryan Collante works. He annihilated us with course after course of all kinds of good ass eats. It was also weird to hear him speak normally as I always know him to be a fucking drunk louse. 

Seeing Hannibal perform for crowds larger and larger is starting to make it harder and harder to sneak into shows that he does. I guess as long as Tony keeps looking at porn on stage, Ill always have a way in. 

This is what a cake nightmare looks like. 

Yes. I painted a Taco Bell. A Taco Bell that serves booze. I don't care what you think. This paid bills for the month and I'm perfectly fine with it. 

Ryan and I painting signs for more booze. 

Right after that, I went and spray chalked a bunch of smaller breweries. 

Took the bro and a few of his friends to El Ideas. I was able to afford a four top by bartering a paint job inside the restaurant for it. Who ripped off who? I guess you have to go for yourself and find out. (They totally got ripped!)

Girllllll, those signs are hung! 

You can't tell, but Matt and Kim killed it. 

I was also drunkenly sticking my arm into this gigantic pit/grill thing to crisp up some kind of animal skin. IT was worth it. 

Finally got to do my black and white production! The homies Sege, Amuse, and Stuk had a hand in making this happen. The lovely thing about painting in Miller Beach is that the wall stays up for however long until we decide to come back and paint it! 

And doing this stuff is always fun. 

Ryan and I templing out at the Beer Temple. I just realized that that wave looks like urine. Fucking beer.

Largest solo wall for me to date. 

This fucking part took me 2 hours. 

That fucking white car is the bane of my existence. 

The colors man. 

Bryan must have stolen his pants from a teenage girl. Which explains why he looks like this taking a picture on his phone. 

Fire kissed for that gentle bubble gut in your stomach. 

The Cochon tour stopped in at the MFG event space in the West Loop. It was a shit show of restaurants preparing like a 234 course thing with cocktail pairings and like 456lbs of pork with like 8675 sample of this or that. I just love seeing the Table Donkey Stick team outside of their hobbit kitchen. 

One of the better shows I've been to in a while was Laetitia Sadier at Shubas. Always been a huge fan of Stereolab so being able to see her in this kind of setting was amazing as well as the duo that performed before her. I have nothing cynical to say because I was pretty much in awe of her voice. 

Made a bunch of food for the homie Susan Dove's wedding. Super great person who has always been supportive with all of my endeavors and super hardworking. Her crossfit game is nothing to fuck wit. 

The venue was this mish mosh of rooms and fun wood work all over. It was one of the better weddings I've gotten to cater for, plus Intel and Major Taylor was behind the decks. OH AND FUCKING PEQUODS PIZZA BITCH!

Plus his and her toilets. Nothing like holding hands and looking at each other lovingly while dropping the kids off at school or pinching a loaf. 

Our monthly night at Sportsman Club. Get here early and grab a seat as soon as you can or else you will not enjoy your time here. 


Checked out Corridor Provisions in Lakeview about 1.5 miles away from their other location DryHop. These guys are just going for it all! The food was decent, but overly salted and the beers were of the DryHop quality so it was pretty stellar. I can also do without ever having to read the word provisions when it comes to food or drank. 

SMOKE IN ME. Luda glass hand blown and painted for Made Gallery show. I can finally say I showed along side a Sam Flores piece. 

The Garfield Park Conservatory is having a show with site specific light and sculpture installations that are fucking dope. I don't do psychedelics but man this would be the first place I'd go to if I did. Its a great installation and open late on Wednesdays. I also wanted to eat all the plants. 

I emceed a Secret Walls battle at Galerie F. There were like maybe 10 people there, which is just enough for me to make fun of. 

I also help coordinate Lindsay and Iggy's wedding at Co-Pro. It was a great jam complete with people trying to steal cake before we can set it onto a table. Any wedding with a Chicago style hot dog bar is a okay by me. 

Before I got too drunk at the wedding, I remembered that I had to dj at the Charleston that night. Nothing like a 16 hour day to kick you in your taint. 

Weird finger dongs. 

Beer is so fucking "in" that House of Blues has its own all building beer fest thing. It was loud, it was full of drunks, and I got in for free so I shouldn't complain. 

Linked up with the homies at Sauce and Bread for their annual Halloween-esque dinner. I love working with these guys because there is no prevention with the things that they do. Its just tasty honest food without the bells and whistles. Also, Mike can outdrink a frat house. 

I saw the black burger bun commercial for Burger King so I opted for the better option of this at Owen and Engine. This is also after Amy Shumer and Talib Kweli...must have been a full moon out. 

I had to take a piss at 515 am. It looked pretty cool out. My piss all came out. 

Fucking nailed it. 

This year's Boo Ha-Ha was pretty amazing to say the least. It's always hard to top the previous years jam but we were somehow able to do it. 4 amazing dj's over 20 brewers and all independently done by me! Ill give myself props after 5 years of doing these. 

This is eerily accurate. Best Halloween costume I've seen of me in a while. All he had to do was put on a bandana, an apron, and have a terrible attitude and boom!-me. 

You'll never guess which one I did. 

Live art thing I did for an art raffle for charity. So many amazing pieces auctioned, so many "art lovers" not bidding. It was pretty embarrassing for our city, but then again if it was beer or pork belly it would be a different story. 

Chili cookoff going down at Best Intentions. Natalie and I ripped Marias/Kimski. We didn't win but it was a hell of a day losing to awesome neighbors and guests! A lot A LOT of booze and consumed. I can't imagine all of the chili dook that took place the following day. 

Another dinner with the SBK crew, this time at the Soho house feeding a bunch of part time "creatives." Never serve ramen for one of these kinds of dinner...there is no easy pickup on this.  

If you haven't seen this movie and you're a fan of Hip Hop, please stop what you're doing and download this shit. Its pretty awesome and uplifting to how music was produced, introduced and spread across independent mediums. It really put things into perspective on how I used to get my music. Its also awesome to hear an unreleased raw freestyle footage of Biggie in his prime. 


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