Monday, May 4, 2015

You Should Check The Last Time You Had A Tetanus Shot.

Finishing up some work before heading out to Omaha. Kimski's preview menu for a beer talks over at the Whole on Halsted. It's that Korean Polish slam orgy son. 

Did some signage work for the massive Breakroom Brewery in the near Northside.

Some last minute Baconfest board for the homies at Goose and Flesh For Food. Now I can go to Omaha. 

This kind of signage is never a good start. Its so lazy and plain. Show me more than offset letters and a primary color man. 

With no time to spare and a clogged ear, the homie Hamer and I get straight to business. 

Omaha may be a smaller city kind of in the middle of no where but you'd be surprised at the kind of regional graff heads that roll through as is evident by this artsy Phame 2DX piece. He had nothing to do with the disco ball. 

A clean Drift piece in front a gayrod moped bike. C'mon Omaha, that trend was like 10 years ago which is like actually 9.7367484 in hipster years. 

How can you go wrong with a name like this? 

I think the airplane I took to get to Omaha was an actual time machine. 

Had a great time painting this until I stepped on a rusty screw...not a nail, a fucking screw. Didn't stop me though, just meant I would have to get a tetanus shot later. Must. Keep. Painting. 

Hamer with them fruity loops son. 

Checked out a local gastropub called Lot 2 in the Benton area of Omaha, which is basically the hip, trendy, cool area where all walks of life converge to yell, get drunk, and make poor decisions. You have your barcade, late night pizza spot, sports bar, several coffee shops and your farm to tables. Lot 2 came correct though, with seasonal and fresh tasting food. It helps when farms are hop skip and meth head away. The charcuterie plate, curried mussels and the banger and mash had good clean flavors and was pretty much on par with any other major city in my opinion. 

I liked this sign. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is living next to a new giant red neon sign which then forces Jerry Seinfeld to actually act and play a different character other than his real life life portraying Kramer. It was television history.

I got my tetanus shot at a local Walgreens and felt good enough to paint some more. 

Checked out Upstream brewery for a night cap and fries. Giant local brewery in the historic Old World area and its clearly poppin the fuck off. Beer tasted good, and I loved seeing local older people hammered off their asses before midnight. 

Its like a playground out here. 

Great thing about small towns is that they keep a lot of the older building in tact and maintain a piece of its own past. There are awesome vintage looking buildings all over the place here showcasing classic design and amazing architecture from the past. It is one of the best things about traveling seeing how terrible your own city is in preserving things in order to have a Walgreens or CVS move in. 

Around the corner we checked out Block 16 (whats up with these fucking names). A local sandwich shop with a line daily and closes at 3pm. A nice list of sandwiches spanning everything from pulled pork to Philly style beefs. I opted for the special of the day which was pork, gravy and nettles. Filling and rich. I can definitely see why there is a line here. Also, this city LOVES the shit out of exposed filament light bulbs. Every fucking restaurant less than 1000 years old has exposed bulbs here. 

History and pick up trucks. 

My anaconda dont want none unless its cavities hon. I know, I know boooooooooooooooooooo.

Vintage Monster energy drink. 

So within this historic part of downtown, there are a ton of awesome antique stores, some all connected, some separated full of weird random crap everywhere. Stuff that you think you want because it looks cool but quickly will regret upon purchasing said item. Its fun to look at, just keep your wallet at bay. 

This is more my style of antique. I forget the name of this meat cafeteria but its old school as fuck. Old ass butcher behind the counter with a bloody apron, his wife looking miserable in the back eyeballing me thinking I'm going to steal a pheasant. There needs to be more places like this preserving old school practices and recipes. I kind of went "HAM" and bought tons of shit thats bad for me. 

Tongue roll. 

Ham Jerky. 

Head cheese. 

Why does every city I go to have to make a claim to having a proper Chicago dog? Also why does every said place have to be an amalgamation of kitschy Chicago memorabilia that no one in Chicago cares about? 


First thing you should notice is the color of the bun. When did my bun go tanning? Its a fucking wheat bun...WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINKIN? Also no poppy seeds and that dog is seriously a sad looking schlong. I ate it disgruntled and in site of two obese women pointing and laughing at a caricature of Harry Caray. Time to leave. 

Took a little stroll and came across this humble little micro brewery less than 6 months old. Best $3 dollar draft I've ever spent money on. 

Just a mansion across the street from poverty. No big deal. 

Right down the street from one micro brewery lesss than 6 months old is another micro brewery that is less than 4 months old. Place looks great, tons of exposed filament light bulbs and a solid 4.7 abv IPA. 

Wanted to end my last night here with a baller meal. Located in a renovated factory type warehouse thing, The Boilerroom supposed to be that good good in town. 

In house charcuterie plate. That boy good. 

The octopus terrine was good but had way too much other stuff going on. When I think of a terrine, its usually enough to hold its own without 50 other flavors around it. It was good...not 17 dollars good though. 

The hangar was good. That red pepper sauce stole the show though. Wasn't the show stopper the server explained but it was good clean fun. The over all tab definitely did not justify the grub in my opinion and the snot nose shitty bartender downstairs can suck a dick. Everyone has tattoos and showers daily you asshole. We all know what bitters and eye droppers are too you little prick. Go re pomade your hair. 


This is more my speed. It also looks like Jesus Christ is about to walk in the door. 

This burger was that good good. 80 senior citizens can't be wrong. This burger killed it. Also put me to sleep. 

Love catching old cars. Newa son. 

Some last minute fun before heading out. 

I mean c'mon. These exposed filaments are almost a joke at this point. 

Will someone please teach these mahfuckers how to use a mandolin or a real knife? Whoever cut this used their fingers or a pocket knife. Jeez man. 

Sad thing is is that the pizza was actually pretty good. Skimpy and pathetic on the toppings game though. You think your local salami is worth that much? Do you know what salami is? Do you even salami bro? The answer is a clear NO.

Went for coffee across the street. And saw this greasy fucker doing pour overs in a gigantic space that only sells coffee. Rent must be awesome here. I can definitely see this city becoming a "thing" within the next 10 years. A lot of condos and construction happening and meth heads being pushed over to Iowa haha. 

And finally ending the trip on a good note. This was one of the best beef jerkies I've ever had. No joke. Maybe it was having it in Omaha that made it better but the stares I got sniffling and drooling over this bag and the lock jaw I got coming off the plane from all of the chewing made it all the better. 

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  1. Good to see that this place has no distractions for you people and you all can focus on your work. This is the real and very much relatable post.