Monday, May 4, 2015

Nothing To See Here, Just Work.

Day after Omaha, I end up inside a place that looks like Omaha.

Got to participate on a mural wit the OG's Chris Silva and Anthony Lewellen. Two dudes whose work I grew up idolizing and highly influenced by and some Mexican named Ruben. 

It was a tiny wall. 

Chris' bird will be painted on and this whole process will be turned into a time lapse with animated elements for the Prudential group. I had a great time working on this with some of the best artists I know personally. Lots of laughs, coughs, and knee problems. 

The day after I had to come up with a 5 course menu for a beer dinner with Arcade brewery and Spiteful. All of these ingredients turned into peoples shit. 

It happened again this year. I think comic nerds are finally realizing that to look like their heroes, maybe they should exercise a little for a little more accuracy. 

Your badge captain. 

"It's like the streets inside, but real streets is outsides, but insides?" 

Dark Sith of the mom's basement. 

Everything was good up until a cinched nike tote back pack. So close. So close. 

Comic make up tips. 

Good to see my English mate Terry running Secret Walls again. First bout was with Veggiesomething and Mosher. 

I dont even know what to say. Just toooooo easy. 

What kind of man of steel needs a fucking skateboard? Illusions man! Keep up the illusion! 

Proud of finishing this, popped an adrenal and decided to paint a down syndrome looking galactus. 

And this is what my wall will be used for...assholes. 

Got to paint an impromptu giant Munny for Kid Robot which was cool. Sofia killin it on the photobomb. 

Good to see the homie Shawnimals stocked up. 

Fuck yeah ORKO!

In what world would this be okay? Whats up with creeper behind them? 

Seems like an awesome idea until you try and drink from it. 

Fucking roided out Frankenberry. 

From fat comic nerds to fat beer nerds. This is how our day started working at Dark Lord Day. 

My view from under a windy tent. There were 8 sessions to purchase this beer. No one looked happy.

Drank out a lot of these plastic cups. 

God hates craft beer. 

Don't wear white. 

You swear I was in NY. There were lines everywhere. Surprisingly, the only place that didn't have lines were the bathrooms. That doesn't mean that I didn't see sprayed diarrhea in at least two of the port o potties I used. 

This was the end of the night, we ran out of food and the will to feed these shitty beer dicks. By this time, I heard of stabbings, fights, and a dude that punched a girl over BEER. OH, and this is only 730pm. 

Woke up next day with my dreams come true ready to assist Flesh For Food for the Bang Bang Pie Supper Club Boom Boom Pah Pah Zing Zing thing. 

Derek's family in tow. Love the twins. The expressions on their faces...priceless and straight up confusion. 

No time to dick around, there was a line from start to finish. 

Didn't have to take any more pictures from this but rest assured mahfuckas ate and got they drank on. I would end up at Small Bar, Longman, and Slippery Slope and then very quickly in a cab home. 

Went on a solo mission over to check out a couple of places Ive heard about way north near Evanston. I only got to check out Ward 8 while I was here because I was already full as fuck from a burger at Bop n' Grill so I opted for the more drink looking between the two. Ward 8 reminded me of a younger, smaller, and a little less attractive Longman and Eagle, but doesn't mean it wasn't good in bed. The staff was great, people were very nice around me and no pretentiousness of any kind here. I could have stayed all night but luckily for me and them, they close at midnight. Id like to check out their neighbor on another night. 

Checked out the Budweiser Cubs lose. 

Checked out the homie Emily Yo and her band the Wild Bores at Emporium. I checked them out in NY last time I was out. They were great both times except this time, there were dudes yelling at video games while a band was playing. Seeing a grown ass man get mad at spy hunter while a band was playing made me feel sad for the guy...until I realized that he probably makes more money than I do. 

Scuba Steve finally playing some records with a hell of a view at the Wit Hotel alongside Dj Big Once. This all vinyl night had a good vibe and sound. Plus its good to see Steve playing out after a 4 year hiatus. Dude takes his music pretty seriously and its good to see him apply that here.

On my way to Naperville to cater Jenna and Alex's wedding. I thought it appropriate to sit near the shitter. 

This is what an "alley" looks like near Downtown Naperville. I know where to go if I become homeless. 

Party tent. 

Awesome renovated vintage home we get to cook out of. Lets go get drunk. 

Thank god for UBER in the burbs now! 

The homie Jourdon putting a hurt on the black and white game. 

Just a black lesbian and Asian trying a couple of two tree beers. 

I can get used to this town with a place like this. A lot of malort was consumed here. 

This mound of gray was Yo. She stuck it out Thursday with prep and kept up with the dranks and had to hide because the cat wouldn't stop playing with her dreads. Looks like a giant gay bean bag. 

This is the most decked out kids table I have ever seen. 

Some of the foods I made. One vegan, one vegetarian, and one meat. 

The happy fam. 

Prom queen.

Mound o' meat and Kraut chi. Gone in less than 20 minutes. Two platters. This was an awesome hungry group of people. I love when I dont have to toss food out at the end of the night. Also made the party some fried rice to help soak up some of the booze...gone in 10 minutes. This was a great wedding to have cooked for and was pleased with the amount of food that got consumed. 

Secret wine side party. There aren't enough pretentious fruity words to describe how good the 94 was. I said it all...buttery, woody, oak, forget how good wine can be until you get to taste an amazing bottle. 

Haven't had a ribeye this good in a while. This beauty came in at 2 lbs over at Butcher and Larder. Im like getting little hard thinking about this. 

This fucking fight. MEH. Just keep looking up at the photo above it. 

Spent Sunday Sunday slangin 150 polishes to round out Version Fest. This photo sums up its awkwardness, and general confusion of the whole thing.