Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Stuff I Done Did In New Yolk

Strange to think that New York is constantly changing and developing at a rate that would make the Japanese jealous. The skyline is never ending and seemingly starting to restart in the outskirts near the airport with his random ass blue/green tower. This city is going to sink soon from the sheer weight of everything. 

This will never get old to me. Just piles and piles of garbage everywhere. How do you have a city that "never sleeps" and is so on the move that this happens on almost every fucking corner? This is a rats Las Vegas buffet paradise. 

These are fun as hell to write on. And there are still a ton of payphones out there. Like a lot. 

Always a good day to catch a Twist THR tag. 

Do not go to Employees Only when dressed to walk the High Line all day. I looked and smelled homeless in here. Also a bit pretentious with the mixologists/bartenders/barkeeps wearing chef coats. I dont care what you say, that is on some holier than thou bullshit. Drinks were good and they told me to take off my hat which added to the homelessness. 

I almost ran out of ink the first day here. There is just too much shit to write on. 

Just a random huge Kaws piece in Brooklyn. 

Oh and a Barry Mcgee. 

Oh yeah, and ESPO's sign shop. 

Checked out my friends band Wild Bore at Pianos in the Lower East Side. Cool place with decent priced dranks. Rad band complete with a lesbian groupie that would loved to have fisted my friend. 

SP-ONE in a shake shack. Randomly walked in here because I had to piss real bad. Glad I did though, this piece is dope. 

This graffiti has been here since ten years ago. Nuts. 

I dont know if you can see the tag on the side of the building but it says "eat your veggies." How awesome crazy is that message? This person risked his or her life to make that message clear instead of writing their own name. That would make me want to eat my damn veggies. 

Street grammar kid. 

Reallly cool old vintage bar that used to be an antique store. The bar got restored by hand by the owner complete with a basement bar where young people go to listen to music I have no clue about wearing sneakers with bright shoe laces. 


I dont mean to be childish, but this shit is funny. 

Like a playground. 

Blue Bird coffee? Whatever the name was, matching oxforded shirt employees, rustic aprons, and 8 minute long pour over coffees. Yep, I'm in Williamsburg, how did you guess? 

The homie Esteban Del Valle snappin in Red Hook. 

Real NY.

Wouldn't you think this place was open with doors that are open? Well they weren't despite it being a Friday and WIDE FUCKING DOORS OPEN. 


Thats my foot. These are tiny room installations on the floor of an art installation inside a makeshift house. I thought it was very well crafted and pretty awesome looking. 

A classic 4 bedroom NY apt. 

How awesome is this fake car? The homie Esteban snappin again with this installation for a play. Completely made out of wood, cardboard, and foam. God is in the detail as well as a good printer. 

Just a random ominous creepy operating merry go round near the water. 

Thats a big bridge. Memories of watching Miranda run to Steve on the bridge and quickly realizing how full of shit and outdated that show is/was. 

Fucking old school Kaves! I grew up idolizing his graffiti. So refreshing to see old school NY writers still getting down.

Briefly stopped into Cotton Candy Machine for a dual show happening. 

Rolled through Low Brow in Bushwick to check out Meres show. Holy expensive spray paint batman. 

The weather finally let up allowing a group of us to paint one of Hoacs's wall. This dude has like 50 walls over here. 

I had to stop in the middle of this piece to go do the Brooklyn Brewery tour. 

Just lines after lines in NY. 

Cool capping wire rim thing. I like how its on an angle. It looks like someone broke and was just like "fuck it." 

The tour is super short because the brewery is kinda small. Everything was pretty usual as far as the process of beer being made except when home boy asked "who here is from actual NY"? What kind of dick head elitist question is that to ask and then following up with a statement like "yeah there aren't too many of us around these days." FUCK YOU. You grew up in Manhattan because you have rich parents. You started off as a hostess and now just retell stories based off a script and pretend you love "craft" beer because you have no fucking talent and now you live in Brooklyn because all of your cooler poorer friends moved to Williamsburg and they still resent you and your wealthy upbringing. 

Okay. Back to the wall. Homeboy from Australia snapped. 

Taking a picture of Hoacs taking a picture of his own piece. It doesn't get any more real than this. 

Finally fucking done! This piece cost me $80 in spray paint. 

Did an in store live art thing for Bucketfeet as well. Getting it in! 

Taking random walks down narrow corridors, you find awesome treasures like this. 

Also the Smart crew wall painting. How awesome is this wall? 

Felt right at home. 

Yes. This is Carrie's house from Sex and the city. There is a chain in front so you dont do stupid carrie poses. I feel for whoever lives here but at the same time, what the hell you expect? 

Crazy how old some of the buildings are here. You really are just constantly surrounded by history and now fat tourists. 

Crazy that they reserved a piece of the twin towers and turning it into a whole new structure. I think its important to never forget but why are you turning this memorial into a shopping area? I don't want to walk into his monumental structure and see a fucking Subway sandwich shop. 

Proper memorial. 

There were waaaaaaay many more pictures and shit but its just overwhelmeing. Maybe Ill have a more comprehensive look next time I go out in June. Thanks for reading!

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