Sunday, April 26, 2015

Most Of The Stuff I Ate And Drank In New Yolk.

Went out to NY to do a little research to eat as much Korean/American/FOOD I can stuff in my face and see whats good in the city that never sleeps. This was at Mok Bar in Chelsea Market. This was the Dduk Bok Ki, rice cakes smothered in a sweet & spicy chili sauce. A lot of variants on this dish and this one had some kimchi, bacon, a poached egg and the cakes were deep fried. You can never go wrong with some crunchy ass rice, no matter what shape or form they come in. Poached egg did nothing for this dish but all of the other elements were pretty spot on. Oh, I'm also totally biting the kimchi on top. 

The spicy Korean ramen here was bomb and the poached egg looks like phlegm in this shot, but it was delicious and added what an egg usually adds to a good bowl of ramen. 

The sweet potato chip bowl was pretty good. 

Mamouns Falafel was had and conquered. 

Finally did one of the Papaya King on a whim. My gut was about to burst at this point on the first day and I realized that I've never had a dog from here because well...the name is stupid and I dont get it, therefore its all just stupid. Plus I hate it when teens serve my food. I dont trust their phone touching fingers. It also looked like a strange toy store minus the cool strange toys. 

This slice was over on Bleeker st. I kind of forgot the name of the joint but it looked like someones house and was down the street from another famous pizza spot which was next to a famous sandwich shop across the street from a famous handbag spot kitty corner from a famous bj spot. 

Had to do at least one greasy spoon down the street from where we were all staying. This 24 hour spot called the Lyric cafe definitely had me writing lyrics...on a toilet. My omelette actually wasn't bad. It was stuffed with prosecution and mozzarella. It kind of tasted like a pizza. BUT WHERE WAS THE SAUCE FLAVOR COMING FROM?

Holy hell this place is magic. So magical I ended up coming here twice during the trip. The smoked herring was just this smokey salt bomb that just left your mouth feeling nice. 

And the lox sandwich? FUGGHEDDABOUDDIT. 

I dont think you can ever go wrong with mayo, butter, lime, salt and cayenne on anything. And I mean anything. The fuck yous courtesy of Dio and Teddy. FUCK YALL BACK. 

The homie Bekit made the call and reserved us a spot for PDT, a sort of secret speakeasy style cocktail bar located next to a hot dog joint. Patrons have to call in through a phone booth once you get the nod, and then the booth opens up into this cool little lounge spot thing where awesome music plays and the strongest drinks you've ever had in your life are poured. And yes they serve hot dogs here. This is also where tourists get reallll ugly reallll fast with the waiting system. Don't come here drunk. 

Something about this winter being longer than expected made these PEI oysters look like Ron Jeremy destroyed some poon for hours. The flavors were still spot on and these fuckers basically falling the plate at this point took 3 bites to get down. 

Had this expensive sour beer after eating those huge vaginers. Don't let Fool's Gold fool yah...its an awesome time and place to kick it but that tab skyrockets super quick and before you know it, you've volunteered to pick up an almost 150 dollar tab. 

Headed over to Bier and Cheese in Astoria where we munched on charcuterie, cheese and more sandwiches while drinking some awesome beer from somewhere. 

Ted also found this place to be the ideal spot to play his nerd game with his nerd friends at a beer nerd  bar. Sorry ladies, but he's taken. That game face belongs on the side of a pregnancy test. 

Rolled through Three brewing in Brooklyn where they have a pop up kitchen with rotating chefs/restaurants and it just so happened to be Robertas turn! The beers here were all really good without pretension and the space looked clean and unassuming and that pizza tho...It was fucking good. I've heard mixed reviews about Robertas (primarily that its a shit hipster haven), but this plain pizza was damn good. 

On the other hand this fucking place is all sorts of pretentious garbage. Being corrected by a college student on what is RADDICHIO and not cabbage had me want to throw my shoe at her fucking smug face. And not to mention that they all apparently have hearing problems. You want me to yell my order at your face? Stop smoking so much fucking pot before your shift.  However the Indian food made by all white people tasted okay, but the pasta salad sucked. Don't go here. The workers are dicks. 

Korillah is basically the Chipotle of the fast Korean food game. I mean, look at the bowl dawg. Food was good, except all of the kimchi tasted exactly the same, because they all have the same ingredients to them. This bowl cost $15. You know who doesn't charge that much for a bowl of food? Chipotle. 

Judging by this picture, it looks like Ted is just overwhelmed by the site of nothing and is compelled to stop and stare at something he thinks he says. Maybe another board game. 

Saw this spot on the way to another spot and decided to just walk in and try them out. Dumplings were pretty standard and as you can see by the plate, not a single frill to be given which I can appreciate. The fillings tasted under seasoned but the texture of the skins and the preparation were good. 

Another famous bun spot. Eddie Huang's Baohaus tasted really good, I haven't tasted a piece of pork belly like that in a long time. The spot is grimy as fuck which i expect is the look he was going for, also 90's hip hop playing should be mandatory for any place with more than 25 tags in it. 

Hauled it K-town and stopped by what I assume to be the size of a NY 2 bedroom apt., ay whoa, a NY joke here! So this place only makes kim bap which is basically a sort of Korean maki stuffed with rice, meat and veg. The place had no where to stand and eat comfortably, especially with a daughter working the counter who is clearly not happy to be there. This roll cost $7.50...I can see $5.50...but then again, I can see me calling my mom and asking for some rolls...for free. 

Went to check out Dirt Candy, an all vegetarian restaurant where Miranda from Sex and The City just happened to be dining on the same night. I'm not sure if she was on a date or not but that old adage of girls always going for someone older holds true whether its the vag or the D. 

Awesome menu with all kinds of info graphics and typefaces. 

Potted starter pull bread. Fucking good.

This was the jalepeno corn fritter served with some honey butter. FUCK. 

The Korean broccoli. Whats scary is that this was probably the best Korean food I had while I was in NY. The flavor was so over the top but authentic and the broccoli was cooked perfectly. It was just such an awesome dish. 

The mapo eggplant. Not as pungent or deep in mapo flavor as I would have liked, but nonetheless it was still there. There were several preparations on the eggplant and it was surrounded by a lot of tasty bush (a Cynthia Nixon being a lesbian and eating at the same place pun). 

The curried cauliflower was pretty tasty but, again I feel like the flavor profile could have been pushed a little bit more considering how much flavor there was for the appetizers. Presentation was awesome though. 

Ice cream salad. All sorts of savory ice cream made with lettuces and veggies. It was tasty and had all sorts of textures and flavors going on. A real fun dish to eat and yes there was even a raddichio ice cream ball in there. 

The corn dessert course had pop corn (duh), a corn cake and corn ice cream of sorts. Equally tasty and fun to eat. 

And to wash it all down was this amazing cider. I forget everything about it but it was fucking bonkers. 

God, I have such nerdy friends. The only reason we went to this brauhaus was to test out a card game of some kind. So the only correct response to all of this was this. There was a line and I left before I could even play. 3/4 of the way in on a liter of beer and a band playing a German version of TLC was all I could handle. 

Momofuku Ssam bar is an awesome place for lunch for one. You'll be sitting amongst other lonely businessmen who want to be left alone but not really but will talk if spoken to. I got pickles, the lemongrass tea, and the OG pork bowl. It was good, not great, the food tasted pretty mainstream and safe and I guess I was expecting a little more special or "Changish"? 

Damn good Lobster Roll. Damn expensive. Fuck you Luke. 

Dardy Bar. Chicago. Dogs. Pepsi no Coke. Brooklyn?

This mushroom truffle risotto is off the fucking chain son. 

Went to the Upper East Side to check out the East Pole (no homo). The food was definitely a farm to table/sustainable place with people that looked way too wealthy to be around a poor Asian. All of the food tasted fresh and cooked to perfection. I really really really wanted just a touch more salt on everything though...even the fucking dessert. That mushroom risotto is stuff that the Upper East Side gods must eat for breakfast. 

Had a little bit of time before doing the live art thing at the Bucketfeet store and decided on a simple Jewy breakfast. Matzo ball soup, and some knishes. I didn't realize how big those things were so I ordered two and immediately regretted my decision and proceeded to painfully eat two giant potato balls. It was nothing spectacular but it tasted classic and very homey. My rabbi would be proud. 

I told you I went back to Fools Gold. They dont fuck around with their bloodies. 

New Yorkers love lines. 

Yes. We ate alllllll of that shit. Mission Chinese aint no joke. We all got the chef's choice tasting menu and we got annihilated with food. Like it hurt to walk around and food stopped being enjoyable at certain times during this meal kind of hurt. This place is the real deal with everything tasting so good with flavors that were so spot on. I would definitely go back and happily gorge. 

Stopped into the Musket Room and snacked on Dio's sensible non filling dinner. The flavors were good and all but c'mon man, look at that little ass pile. I had to go in extremely close to make these dishes look substantial. The flavors were good, subtle but 16 dollars for leaves, shavings, crumbles and purees aint my thing dawg. 

Yes. I did it. 

Last meal was at Rolf's. A German restaurant where its always creepy Xmas 365 days out of the year. Food was just okay but it seemed fitting to end an excursion of food and drank in this low fi simple way. 

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