Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I have been relegated to the basement to do boards now at Goose Clybourn. I don't mind it. I was never a fan of drawing inbetween the bathrooms and getting wiffs of dookies. Also fitting in this many letters in a line sucks. 

American rare treasure. This is the best way to start a spicy byob Thai dinner at Aroy's in Ravenswood. Peter and the gang are regulars here and swear by its authenticity and flavors and are very adamant that you try it...very. 

The overall meal was pretty tasty and spicy. I dont know why they had to heater set to Thai jungle in there especially with most of the dishes utilizing delicious fresh thai chilies. My sinuses appreciated it, my bowels - not so much. It was worth the trip though and I would like to try some more of the off menu items offered here to the regulars. I'll take their word on the authenticity of the flavors as I have never been to Thailand, but the cooks looked illegal enough so Ill vouch for it.

I like working in warehouses because farting from the meal the night before just escapes to the cloud. 

I nutted up and made empanadas from scratch. I now realize how jizzy the sauce looks. 

Also falafel corn dogs. You guys probably thought I posted a pic of my dookie. 

Got to do minimal boards for Trenchermen. Its one of those rare places that looks great with all of the lights on, unlike that tranny you took home who looked like Kate Moss in the skank dark. 

Everything is perfect about this picture except for the damn jew in the middle of the room. 

A big group of us got to get down at Brooklyn Boulders, a giant indoor rock climbing facility that also looks like a rave can break out any minute. 



JC Rivera.

Joel Yacht Life Social Club snappin. 

I took an adderal and decided to tackle two walls in one night. This is the first wall. 

Close up. 



V, I


E. I dont know what prompted me to do both walls...oh yeah, drugs. 

Sege snappin.

Cove snappin.

Jash snappin.

Hamer from Omaha snapping...he also did two walls. 

Mime, patriotic snappin. 

Hamer don't hurt em.

Woes getting in touch with his feminine side painting the ladies bathroom.

Sacred and Cents snappin.

Amuse going off.

Greve, the one man team. 

Oh yeah, this thing happened. 

Fucking bone in ribeye bitches. 

What up. 

Oh snap, we drankin.

Tired as fuck. 

Did a little taco takeover thing at 18th street brewery in Gary with the holmes Virgie, Joey, and Drew. My offering was beer braised thigh, sautéed kraut chi, crisp skin, soy sour cream, cilantro served with a massive hangover from the super bowl. 

This happened too. 

Never eat out with chefs if you're on a diet. Abe from Fat Rice can and will eat a whole side of a menu and walk away like he only ate a rice cake. 

This was the only picture I was able to take from my Virtue cider dinner the other night. It was basically a rabbit pie. 

The homie Ruben Aguirre and I collaborated on two walls for the Red Bull. 

The homie Hanson tight on his Tetris game. 

Second wall. We were proud of this project and quickly realized that we are going to be overshadowed once Jonski gets on this...we suck. 

Back in Milwaukee. Oriental. 

Checked out Braise in Milwaukee where long time friend Becky manages and runs thangs. 

Pork steam bun. Decent, I wish the napa cabbage used for decoration was dressed so I could eat it or top the bun off. 

Potato tart was rich and delicious. Cold but once you add cream and cheese to anything, it tasted like a savory ice cream. It was good. 

The smoked trout with johnny cake was awesome. Salty, sweet, and simple. Best things in life usually consist of those three things. 

The rice pan cake was literally just a rice patty with delicious hunks of pork, but bland daikon slaw. I was hoping for an acidic bite from the slaw but everything else about this plate had it going on. The rice cake was just that, a patty formed with short grained rice. Flavors were all good though. 

The trumpet mushroom dish was awesome. You wouldn't expect so much meatiness looking at this but it was rich and filling with good accompanying flavors from the herb pile at the end of the plate. 

The Mereguez sausage was delicious but had so much going on with the other components. Citrus, corn, earthy, it was all over the place but each item on its own was delicious. At this point, I was so damn stuffed with deliciousness and drank. It was time for a romantic walk with Pickel. 

Spotted the creepiest most random statue of the fonz downtown tucked away near the river. I think he's slowly trying to commit suicide by getting closer to the water every winter. Why the hell does there need to be a statue of him anyways? Was he so culturally significant? So many questions...

PBR theater, can't imagine the stench of mustache pomade. 

Ready to party.

Live art party that is. 

King Otto out of Minneapolis getting down. 

Finished piece. Best question of the night "what did you use for your spray painted background..."

A must. 

Best thing to do after partying in Milwaukee? go straight to painting a collaborative mural at Bucketfeet duh. 

And then treat myself to Yusho. 

So full of liquids by the end of this night. Felt like Missy Elliot with that big ol garbage bag costume. 

My section complete. 

A lot of fumes. 

Is there any better way to end this post? I think not. Thanks Trimm. 

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