Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hit The Ground Running, Slipping, And Falling And Then Running Again.

Starting off my year seeing a deceased friend's tag around my house reminded me to keep working and pushing myself to hopefully leave the kind of legacy Brooks left behind. Rest in Peace brother, you are still missed and seeing your tags around are just a sign of how much work you put in and how different, stubborn, and unique of a person you were. 

Got to see Santa hit on a girl at Quenchers Saloon in Logan. I'm sure the conversation ended up being about some obscure craft beer in Alaska or how beards are on their way out. 

I love painting on new objects, especially for super special clients. This was a present for Chef Michael Carlson which was fun and terrifying to do. Whip Cream and whippets will never be the same. 

Got to check out Vertical Gallery's holiday show before it came down. It was nice to see my pieces in person and quickly realized how much I sucked being surrounded by amazing other pieces. 

Some highlights from a sour bottle share at JT's house (yes. Justin Timberlake's house). I made some bing bong food and straight kicked it until I remembered how sick I was and then went home. 

Street Fighter always seems to happen here. I'm convinced that Joe is a better Korean than I am. 

This cool shot was sent to me from a few years back. Its so hard to make me look cool. Also what the fuck is going on with my index finger? Why does it curve to the left? 

Hibernation means productivity...and boredom...and masturbation. 

I dont know a better way to spend Xmas eve then seeing a comedy show packed full of surprise guests, Trimm on the decks and homies on molly for no reason. 

John Mulaney and Deon Cole rolled through and did some quickies. I didn't even get to see Amy Shumer or Hannibal Buress because it was friggin packed with warm farts and reeked of mustache pomade. 

This happened when I wandered to look for free whiskey. The asian Burt Reynolds and Amy Shumer in her best basic bitch outfit. 

Another guest chillin in the cut was Chicago's own Chance the Rapper here getting kicked out of the green room over some bullshit creeper super fan. I just sat, drank and enjoyed this part of the show. 

This kid got some kick ass presents and I was hating by shoving this empty box in his face. He didn't seem to mind. 

He's silly. 

Xmas dinner with Gangi and her gang of adult orphans. I'd say we did pretty well considering the crippling depression from not seeing our families. Hahahahaha, yeah right. Who am I kidding? This was awesome! 

Shitty pic of the Xmas after jam with a bunch of rejects. Hannibal is dark as fuck. 

Ted is the new Asian Hannibal Buress. 

FART (free art today) at the MCA before the Bowie exhibit. 

This exhibit was amazing and inspiring. So much work and cocaine. Thanks for the hook up Analu! 

Another FART in Wicker Park this time. 

Solid slice with amazing crust and solid base for the toppings. One slice isn't enough, but two is overkill. Delicious all around. Anchovies is like the new pork belly for me. Oily, salty, rich little slivers of the sea make for an amazing topping to anything. The Ninja Turtles would be proud. 

This is the only flick from the last Soup Sunday of the year. That hangover the next day was amazingly epic...enough to make me rethink a few things, like liquor before beer you're in the clear, beer before liquor makes you sicker. 

Finally got to checked out Umami burger in Wicker. It was good, it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't spectacular. The burger was cooked well, the pickles tasted pickled. My wallet wasn't so happy though. 

I dont know. 

Finally get to cross this off my bucket list. I didn't go in a tee shirt and shorts as 
Dana (the pastry chef) suggested, but I didn't wear my diaper for once. 

HOLY FUCK! That food orgasm was courtesy of the amazing team at Blackbird. I dont need to explain each dish because they were all pretty spectacular. There were also 8 different animals, foie, truffles, 6 desserts, many cocktails, and awesome company. This is how every NYE should start and I would have been perfectly fine with going home after this, but work beckoned. 

This is the only flick I took from djing at The Dawson for New Year's Eve. It was a great time with great friends and just a little bit of blow...just enough to keep me up to get paid out at the end of the night. 

My brother and I were hellbent on keeping some Korean traditions alive. We had the traditional soup served with the worst service we've ever had. Only topped off with the worst payment system. Mee Nari up north was not worth the hassle. The soup was good though. 

Waiting for paint to dry in a warehouse can get a little boring...unless you bring spray paint and are surrounded by tons of wood - no homo. 

Getting a head starts means everything knowing that the weather can change here in the drop of a dime. 

Like you know...whatever. 

If I dont get to paint Violet Hour this year, I'm going to just paint it illegally and it will be home to the biggest cock and balls you'll ever see. 

I told you. This is one day later. 

This is not going to be fun. 

Four hours of warming up in Awols car, tying plastic bags around my gym shoes, hungover and a 1/4 of adrenal. Don't eat the yellow snow kids. 

Props to Awol donning his best Kriss Kross overalls. 

Amuse braving the cold painting the snuggle tooth on his M. 

I treated myself to this butt bowl after painting in the freezing cold. VIP chinese got that good good.

Yes, I had one and yes, it was damn good. 

First big project of the year in the South Loop for The Burger Bar South. This will be their second burger bar installment for this city. The space is spacious and will be a great addition to that strange neighborhood of huge spaced restaurants. 

Got to do this after work and surprise openers Hannibal Buress and Steven Wright opened up! Yes. He was funny. 

Cow dicks. 

Scuba Steve has officially moved here and already just running shit poppin 5 year old bottles of mine with zero fucks given. This was a momentous occasion so it fit...I need to hide my beer better. 

Steve's wife Veronica looks different without make-up. Nice flapper hat. 

Work meetings over at the Garage in the West Loop always end up with gut busting amazing food. Today was low and slow day. A variety of southern staples that were perfect for the shit weather outside. I feel sorry for any gluten free people out there because chicken and dumplings are so fucking good and to deprive yourself of this bowl of comfort is just punishment to yourself. The wings tho. Shrimp and grits tho. 

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