Monday, January 26, 2015

If I Don't Keep Doing It, Someone Else Will.

Cant remember the last time I had a print out, but I think this came out pretty baller. Spudnik press on the screening and Dio on the layout. Thanks team! Edition of 50. Hola if you want to get one. 18x24" blah blah blah. Commercial done. 

Paper stickers are just the worst to try and take off. 

This fucking guy. 

The Balsers made the big move from Texas up to Chicago to dominate all that is good and cultural and brought their amazing dog Tony with them. This dog is a celebrity to me. I've seen pictures of him more than its human owners in the past year. 

Finally got to check out the annual fried chicken social at the Bucktown VFW hall courtesy of the homie Pickle. 

Came at a perfect time starving from sitting around and doing nothing prior to this humble amazing plate of food. 

And right downstairs is the bar/karaoke party. Cheap drinks, great people and super low ceilings make for a unique experience. 

Rory warming up the crowd with a diddy from his repertoire. 

Spitting image of what homie looked every Asian uncle from the 80's who thought this is what Americans dressed like. 

Told you it was low. 

Checked out Spritz Burger around the hood. Brian's bloody mary flight is the way to go to start the day. 

My caucasian bento box looking plate was pretty decent. I think I got a scramble or sorts? 

The grits in a jar was pretty decent and I've noticed that a few places are doing this concept which is alright with me because I'm probably going to do it as well. I just want to know how they kept the mason jar at 500 degrees till the very end. Burned all the way to the end! 

Brian's poutine burger was almost on point until it came without the cheese curds. The main thing that make poutine, poutine. Poutine poutine poutine poutine poutine poutine poutine poutine. The taters were pretty good at least. Also kinda tired of reading or hearing "house made ketchup." You'll never make it as good as ketchup. Its the one thing that Heinz has been doing for a gazillion years, just let them have that one. Of all sauces you can make in house, why ketchup? 

Schwa and Chicago Truborn are doing a fun little project asking artists to paint their checkbooks. Cool idea, I just hope it isn't too cool and get stolen. 

Look at this fucking amazing dog. Its not very often that I'm around such greatness, but the thing that makes this dog so much better is that it fucking loves cheese. 

The homies at Local Foods hooked me up with a ingredients for my soup for Soup N' Bread at the Hideout. I love doing this event each year, and the other people that participate are awesome...and because soup. 

Urae, Rels and some other dude decorated the entry way to the Garage/The Salsa Truck commissary in the West Loop. This was a lot of fun to do. Making a door way look like it got bombed over two years in one night is a little harder than you may think. Also hot boxing yourself with spray paint, marker, and sticker fumes make for a pretty fun high. 

Took a walk around and saw some of this stuff around. Those damn fumes mixed with beers make for a pretty good night. 

I like running into old paintings of mine and noticing how much more I cared about painting back in the day. This was a fun one to do and am glad it found a good home. 

I'm like a motherfucking dog whisperer. I also need to stop carrying beef in my pockets. My beef pockets brings all the dogs to the yard and I'm not 

From beginning to end, that tongue violated and pleasured my mouth all the way. 

Good dessert. 

Midnight nachos anyone? This is when stoners and drunks can finally come together and just stuff the shit out of their faces together. 

Finally checked out the rap karaoke at Jerry's Sandwich Shop. And also found out that rapping isn't as easy as you think it is...also, most people suck at rapping. Did I mention that these people sucked at this? Much like singing...leave it for the professionals. 

Fish ball break. 

Did a little restaurant takeover thing at Trellis in Lincoln Park to preview some of the menu items at Kimski's (Marias Packaged Goods). The staff at Trellis rocked as well as all the people that came out and made Korean Polish street food feel normal. 

Popped into the Soho house for a customizing event with Bucketfeet. People love free shit and act ravenous pieces of shit if they don't get what they want regardless of the free beer and free everything else. 

And so it begins. Marias finally getting the renovation started. This will be new home 5-7 days out of the week come summer time. Please eat my sausage. 

Got to participate in CBS's annual Brewpub shootout, pinning brewpubs from all around the Chicago land area against each other for bragging glory. I got to cook for the homies Rude Hippo and pair food with their beeting heart beer which was made guessed it celery. 

Some of the awesome stuff I got to sample while semi working. 

5 Rabbit paired their beer with a smothered sorta that basically blew my asshole inside out. It was damn good but like the kind of hot that makes your anus just drop its insides instantly. 

This was my offering. Beef heart stew, pickled beets, kale, and cheese crisps. 

Found this while drunkenly walking back to the bus stop. Stickers last for fucking ever. 

I can't remember the last time I went to beer events one day after another. Poured for Goose Island for Good Beer Hunting's Uppers and Downers beer/coffee event at Thalia Hall. The venue is just amazing as were all of the offerings of beer infused, beer brewed, beer fucked with coffee. A great showing of coffee roasters and some of the best beer brewers the state has to offer. 

Feeling a little warm, full, confused and over all drunk, Alex and I decided it'd be a good idea to share a romantic fondue pot at The Punch House right downstairs. This is when I seriously thought I was going to die if I kept going. The homies at Dark Matter had crazy ass concocted was just a long weekend of imbibing and overall awesomeness. My body hates me.

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