Monday, December 15, 2014

We Keeps It Movin (Final Miami Art Basel Post...Mostly Pictures)

Tryin to forget about shitting into a half bucket on a boat at the beginning of our trip, we decided to hit up Oolite one more time for a much needed thoughtful brunch. We got way more food then intended because Lisa is a psycho and the waiter fucked up our order. I am okay with all of this. 

Duck confit omelette, I will miss you the most. 

Time to walk off the impending depression and the fifteen animals we had at brunch. 

Best glory hole hands ever. 

This guys murders it every year at Scope. You would swear that Dali was just freshly beheaded. 

The homie Tubs reppin! 

Insane in the membrane. 

Yes. Its all packing tape. 

Another Chi homie Sent rock. 

Thats metal and paint. 



Miami was a fucking blast this year. I got to do a little bit of everything and Silvere coming in from N. Carolina added the crazy that we needed to make this trip complete. Its amazing to me how much creativity is out there and the variety that it comes in. Met a lot of awesome new people and at the same time reconnected with a lot of old friends which is really what these trips are about for me. I left out a lot of stuff in the last three posts because some of pictures will never give some of the moments any that one time Sil threw a chair at someone at a restaurant and accidentally punched a friend in the face. It's moments like these that make you say "you just had to be there man."

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