Monday, December 15, 2014

It Won't Stop Sunning Son. (Miami Art Basel pt. 2)

With all of the madness that was happening in Miami proper, I got to take a little break and head down to Ft. Lauderdale and do a wall proper for the homies over at the #benice company and visit the homie Tim Lane. 

Who also brought me a bomb ass lunch from the BBQ spot up the way. 

I would say that day one was off to a good start, especially with the collab and assist from @starfightera and @easeonetx. This is going to turn out okay. 

Had to come back to South beach for a last minute live art gig back at Oolite where Esteban and I threw down getting kicked in from painting outside because of some strange citation law thats strictly enforced by cops wearing tight shorts. Anything for short shorts. 

3 hours, 4 shots, 4 beers and after 5 hours of painting outdoors in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm looking Filipino at this point. 

This family style meal though made everything worth it. It also made a few of my guy friends blush and want to wed Lisa who made all of the food. Oxtail, Cuban pork, spare ribs, scrimps, and too much other deliciousness to remember. I just remember a lot of silence until Sil's dumbass kept hollering about some deer shit. I was also looking forward to leftovers until Sil, Patty, and Donna came back and devoured everything at 4:30 in the morning. Paper bags and all. 

We have since left the boat and checked into our air BNB in South Beach and quickly tried to forget about the toilet situation on the boat, cold showers and our host awkwardly asking us to help him move a 400 pound generator on his boat. This resort definitely helped with forgetting about all of that. How much semen you think they have to clean out of these pools? I would jizz daily here if I lived here. 

OY VEY! This is at about 87% done. 

I was not on any drugs. 

When in Rome, grab a fucking awesome local beer if you can. 

This gose though.

Here's a picture of Sil finally getting out of his hangover. The French look strange when intoxicated. 

Getting our grub on at Tim's resto, Coconut grill. 

There was way more food, but I was busy stuffing my face and trying not to puke. Everything was so damn good and fresh...because we are super close to the source. Always remember to get food that doesn't have to travel far. It really does make such a huge difference. It can be the smallest thing but makes the biggest difference. 

Time to get my dj on. I really got to do everything I like to do this time around. I felt very grateful for the amount of people that came out this year and set shit up and really put Chicago people up on events and walls and all of that touchy feel good crap. Any who, shit, piss, blah. 

With that said, the fine folks over at Read the Label and Genesis Art Supply set up a digital art show at Haven Lounge where walls were prominently displayed throughout the club. Pretty cool concept and turn out. 

Heres one of me looking like I'm updating my Facebook taken by the homie Sondra. 

So a night of drinking and debauchery may end up with a parking job like this. 

The homie Amuse killing it. 

Asend bringin the funk with a cigar in his pretty mouth. 

Fifth and final piece. The sun beat the shit out of me for this one. I was delirious and ready for damn hate, beer, hot cocoa...anything. (update: this whole wall got dissed! hahahahahaha!)

Ridiculously good. Looks like a strange scene from Twin Peaks. 

Another great thing about this week are the plethora of smaller scale shows just open to the public chalk full of...ART

Them pants though. 

Ran into the homie DJ Mama Bear and the sweater funk collective over at Grampy's. Awesome running into so many homies. She started to get creeped out while I was eating a burrito seductively while taking this photo. 

Another bonus from this night was getting to see the homie Big Once murdering the crowd at Wood Tavern for Red Bull. Also one of the best dj booths I've seen in a while. Looks like a NY studio apartment. 

More awesomeness. 

Finally getting to cross Yardbird off my bucket list. 

Oh and if you happen to look past the homies...Its just Questlove exiting the restroom. He is quite the pear bear. 

FUCK! Miami finally reppin with that food game. I guess third year's the charm! Yardbird is a southern comfort spot with more "contemporary" approach. The flavors were spot on and executed super well. The service was attentive and the food didn't take 65 minutes to come out like everywhere else, including the fucking starbucks down the street. The fried chicken was moist throughout, slight amazing brine flavor, the fried green tomatoes were just the right amount of tart and savory, the croquet with the egg though...fucking puree that as a smoothie and I'd still hit it. Well done! 

What do you do after an epic meal? lay down on a hammock with a bro of course. Jova and I shared a tender moment laying next to each other on a hammock because even though he lives in Miami, didn't want to offer the guest his own hammock. What a thoughtful shit head. 

Back to Wynwood. 

Basel Castle from Red Bull ruled this year. Not only did I get to hang out with the homie Scuba Steve, Omar, and Sammy but I also discovered The Outfit TX was probably the best surprise musically as well as Heroes and Villains who murdered their set. And there there was a tranny rapper in-between them which just confused things. 

Ended the night checking out the massive 10 on 10 Secret Walls battle. Some of the best collaborating within a 90 minute time frame. The homie Terry flexing his organizing skills with this one! All of these guys also painted a couple of schools down the way which he also helped run and organize. Being surrounded by hustlers always gets you motivated at the same time feel like crap for not having done more with your life. 

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