Monday, December 15, 2014

And The Beer Goes On.

Feeling a little cloudy after Miami, the only way to set me straight is to have lunch at my favorite sushi joint Itto and get back to normal life. 

Also had to finish off a commission piece, which will probably end up somewhere warm and pleasant and sunny. 

Thank god theres beers! 

Including a 5 year old Dreadnaught I saved just for fun. Ended up being really tasty actually and held its carbonation like a mofo! Definitely had me crop dusting. 

A very strong and not so subtle World Wide Stout. Fucking 17% ABV. 

And then the bourbon came out and its as if I wasn't in Miami two days before...wait no, I remember and I was drinking trying to forget but my amazing tee shirt tan will prevent me from forgetting for a while. 

Meyvn presents night...these days are starting to just blend in and be a blur. Kind of like this strange trio who impromptu danced on stage while Trimm was playing. It was the kind of strange sexual dancing that looks cool in movies but never ever will translate well in real life. 

Thank goodness for comedy. Mike Leibowitz telling us shameless stories about being a parent in the burbs. This is when things started to take a turn. 

I don't remember taking this pic from behind the dj table...I apparently spun for a little bit...I also played two songs practically back to back...I may have ended up in bed with pants on half off and spend all of of Friday in bed with Chinese food until I actually had to DJ at Subt. 

Stopped by Rotofugi to pick up a piece of mine from a previous show and saw this awesome display of "stuff." If I ever own a house large enough, this is how I would want to display pieces. It makes anything look uber fancy and rare. I would love to see spring break mug in one of these display cases. It'd instantly be art! 

Attended BeerFX and Skalawag's "Barrel Aged" film beer fest at Logan Square Auditorium. Great "The Shining" like look and feel to the ballroom. 

Them ears though. 

Beer brought to a beer fest. I love the way brewers roll. 

So like I was in it giving dumb commentary. Camera makes me look super homeless. 

What better way to end a beer fest with fancy wine and bites just across the street? I wish I stopped after this, but ended up at the Charleston where I wanted to punch someone and got into a racist's uber car. Strange day to say the least. 

Woke up and kept the party going heading down to beautiful Gary, IN. to help celebrate 18th street brewery's one year anniversary. Here's Drew "pouring" out his "hops" to everyone, it was touching while Joey Potts pretends to hold a sandwich in his hands. 

Awesome bands, food, and the coolest 4 year old playing the drums. This kid is going to be a lady killer...already had groupies waiting for his set to be over. I also think he was just hungry. 

Also congrats to this handsome fucker who just got engaged. Sorry Boystown Bears Club, your MVP finally went straight. 

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