Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Summer During Winter Is Just What The Drunk Doctor Ordered. (Art Basel, Miami pt. 1)

Its that special time of year when some of the worlds best art and artists come together to show off, steal, fight, and do drugs together in Miami, FL. 

Air BNB's have definitely stepped their game up. Having to take a boat to a boat was definitely a new experience for all of us. It also looked like a ghost ship just floating in the bay. Boating when you are extremely hungover and exhausted is never a good idea FYI. I almost puked four times upon entering our home for the next five days. 

Our crew hand Daniel teaching Donna the ropes...literally some shit with ropes. 

After a night of hitting the town and marking off walls that don't belong to us in Wynwood, we decided to have brunch at my homies restaurant Oolite in South Beach right near Art Basel itself. Nice clean joint with fresh brunch and the most perfect poached eggs I've had in a while. This will definitely not be our last time here. The Huevos rancheros was pretty killer and it only made it more awesome once we found out that my friend left early this day so we kind of came here for nothing. 

I forced the homie Lisa into hanging out after not being there at brunch, so while we waited for her to get her shit together, we strolled down a farmers market near by. We had the standard conch ceviche and there was a rainbow of produce including these gargantuan avocados. I think you'd be able to make three batches of GUAC with one of these BRO. There are models, crackheads, tourists, dogs and so many more interesting things and I take a photo of fucking avocados...

Doesn't matter how early we come each year, because there already a bevy of walls already primed, prepped and finished at a lot of the primo spots in Wynwood. This is 1 of 5 walls Nychos painted. Dude is just a fucking pun intended. 

Starting my outline and fill. This is one of the walls we painted last year. I opted to paint right under USA beauty, because well I'm an American beauty just with yellow skin, slanted eyes, and a tattoo of chopsticks on my arm. 

Another late night staple/tradition is to always stop here at least once and get a sandwich. Its basically a kitchen sink of pickles, cheese and meat in between a baguette. If you are polite, you will never get a sandwich here. You have to be a total dickbag and force your order in because this is Miami, and service is just god awful. 

Terrible phone shot of my first piece donezo. 

Second piece donezo. I don't know what compelled me to bukkake my piece at the end, but maybe I've been a little repressed up to this point? 

Checked out a small group show at a gallery called wyn and saw this cool London Police piece. He also painted the whole facade of the gallery. Always had an appreciation for the cleanliness of his lines and simplicity of the characters, yet they still have a lot of depth and personality. Blah, shit is tight son. There were some other cool pieces but I think I deleted them on accident. Oh well. 

Third piece down. I was super stupid fucking hungover and nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. I think I started to hallucinate so I did tried to do the trippiest psychedelic piece I could. Like far out man. 

Got a light snack afterwards at a placed called Kush (thank the lord for A/C)...get it brah? Great beer bar with alligator on the menu, served with an entire container of seasoning with fucking finger letters. The gator was pretty tasty, good texture, not over chewy but this absurd amount of "seasoning" was pretty off putting. 

Almighty CBS crew starting their enormous wall. 

Smash 137



Cleon Peterson

Dave Kinsey

Triston Eaton

Checked out a preview for the Library Street Collective pop up show of some of their artists, which included some of the most relevant public artists out right now. Always a little jealous and always impressed with how these guys do their thing. Really good work and PR. 

Wynwood is just a massive playground for street art as a lot of walls are permissioned, commissioned or just bogarted. Its also just covered in all kinds of good and terrible graffiti. Lots of titties on walls this year. 

Always good to run into homies unannounced. Esteban brining that Brooklyn funk at Wood Tavern. 

Another preview show at the enormous Mana space where rows of champagne glasses, await along with a decent crapper and running water. 

I think this Kaws was priced at a reasonable 608,888,666 euros. 

So deep, so deep, I put dat ass to sleep. 

I so wished this was cous cous. 

And then this. We've only heard about and joked about it some times, but it finally fucking happened. Someone decided to paint a white canvas and hang it and try to sell it off. This was also a series of 3 mind you. This is why people sometimes hate art. 

This was the saving grace however. This oil painting restored my faith in technique, patience, talent and insanity that sometimes goes into creating a stunning piece. 

Im telling you, there is so much damn art during this week...its almost impossible to see it all. We try though. As much as we can. Also the air conditioning at this tent was bonkers. 

Gangster ass Menorah beyotch. Shabat Shalom mothafucka. 

Always good to see old skool train photos. ALWAYS. 

Thats a fucking painting. 

Colored pencils...literally all colo pencils. 

Fuck reading. There were a lot more to look at, but for the sake of you not wanting to poke your eyes out, I'll be doing a lot of editing for these Miami posts! Thanks! 

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