Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Boo.

So the Boo Ha Ha happened and it was a smashing success. Tons of people dressed up, dancing, drankin, and kickin it. These fests embody what makes beer fun. No pretensions, an angry asian yelling at you to drink and then dancing in a dance circle. Does it seriously get any better? 

Check out the awesome video recap by the homie Matt (

Finally got to check out Kai-zan over in Ukranian Village. I think I would  murder a box of kittens to eat here again. The fish was super tender and fresh, the collar was perfectly grilled and seasoned. We tore that collar the only thing left was a fin. I felt like I was in Asia until we got the bill...definitely still America. 

Speaking of America, helped out the homie Tazm with his soup offering for Revolution Brewing's day of the dead dinner. Awkward event all around because I just had no idea what the fuck was going on. Everything was so damn random with the tours, the food setup right down to the live band that started playing with less than hour till the end of the event.  I just sat and ate pazole all night and thought about how awesome that show Night Court was. 

From one day of the dead dinner to another. Lended a hand to the homies over at Sauce and Bread kitchen for their four course monthly dinner series. 

Fucking cute dawg. 

I suck at taking photos. I know. 

This is definitely -14.687 points on weight watchers. 

I ate the shit out of that skull and realized that the foil wasn't edible. Sparkling pink poo look as cool as it sounds. 

You know what sucks about grilling 100 pounds of sausage in stupid cold weather? EVERYTHING. Coiled shlongs never tasted or looked so damn good. 

My hangover was wicked this day. 

Drew from Flesh For Food definitely not appreciating the eggplant bacon request. 

All kinds of wrong and right going on here. I'm 35 now. So fucking old. My knees hurt. Young people suck. I love prunes. 

The homie Stuk and I updating the mural that another group and I did over ten years ago. It was fun drawing space sea creatures and smelling deep friend shrimp at the same time. It really fucks with you. It also made me realize how fucking crazy and how insane looking the deep sea actually is. Its seriously alien to me and terrifying. I really need to learn how to swim. 

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