Saturday, November 29, 2014

Can't Stop, Won Stop. See What I Did There?

So I took a time machine back to 2006 to retrieve a power cord for Serengeti's last set at Grandbar. 

Photo of me looking at porn while Dave raps about a famous 90's actor, Jules and sausages. 

Had my mini solo show over at the Bucketfeet flag ship store here in Chicago. It was neat to be around people who shop at stores like Steve Madden and ask when the free wine will start pouring to the person who is responsible for said free wine. 

Did a little dedication of the homie Joey Potts' awesome beer art work labels. 18th Street Brewery supports the arts 1000 percent and is always so gracious to us. Also the crack found on the streets is so money son! 

Had a great time painting with the homies Amuse, Cyfn, and Sege who did a dedication piece for the homie Hoacs out in NY. Chicago writers, NY tribute all in glorious Miller Beach right outside Gary, IN. Makes sense to me. 

Went to go check out the homie Jared Rouben's newly built and now operating Moody Tongue Brewery for a beer dinner that we collaborated on. Imagine every obese person you know and multiply it by fat and sugar and deep fry it. My face burst soon after. 

Great thing about Moody's location is its proximity to Strings ramen where I indulged in a duck ramen and soon after duck number 2 special in the bathroom. 

Got to do a little cool job at Headquarters in Lakeview and got to experiment with patterns and bring out the 80's in me. So I got super awkward and had random boners for no reason whatsoever. 

Ed over at Maria's was getting all famous being filmed for Esquires Best Bars in America, again. Dude is a natural and seems to never wash his hair. The hosts are kind of douche bags in real life. Their job for this show is to remain fat, go to cool bars and drink...go fuck yourselves, you have no reason to be snobs about anything. 

After math of drinking for free for a crappy TV show. Maxwell st., Uber, yelling, and crying yourself to sleep. 

Thats random and rude as shit. 

These guys. 

The goose always looks a little AZN when I do the logo...its just subliminal enough to trick white women to find me attractive. 

Soho house doesn't allow you to take pics even if you are the special guest who setup a bottle share with some of its members. Imagine a metric shit ton of fries, all of these beers and freeloading members towards the end and I'm not allowed to take pictures. WTF brah.

Checked out Vice district brewing down in the South Loop and was pleasantly surprised to see old buildings I use to drink in underaged turn into respectable independent businesses. Beer was solid, they didn't have the shit I actually wanted but it was still good for what it was. Funny to see moms coming in with babies attached to their boobs ordering a growler to go on a Tuesday. 

Same week, got to check out the homies over at Spiteful Brewing. So proud to see all the hard work, passion, and overall awesomeness that Jason and Brad splooge out of them. It's also awesome to see homies working for homies. For them to be so small but still be able to offer full time employment is seriously what adds to their greatness. The dog was an extra bonus because well look at the damn thing, its fucking adorable. 

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