Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Winter. It's Cold. It's Chicago. Whats The Problem Here?

When you have Red Bull money, you can do shit like build a makeshift all glass gallery in the middle of downtown, offer free booze and keep poor people out for the opening reception. I love America. 

The homie CZR killin it with his entry. 

This is just insanity. I can't imagine how many little cuts were discovered after washing your hands after a project like this. A.D.D. like a mothafucka. 

This is pretty amazing. 

BBoy House came by for a visit and realized his condom was filled up because he's a dick head. 

Checked out a little preview of "Barrel Aged" - a documentary about 8 home brewers who collaborated on a single beer and their journeys from start to finish. The homies at Beer FX who are responsible for the film borrowed the Lakeshore Beverage offices for the preview and holy shit I wish I was fucking rich. The space is just this crazy open loft space bar theater thing. I don't know how to explain it...all I know is that people who sell beer do not need offices this nice in my opinion. 

Lolita barf.

Dish I made for FOBAB pre party with 4 Hands brewery. Best Cheese burger Ive ever made. That comment was for you Brian. Get mad. 

End of an era. Last night at Small Bar Division. Just as hard to get a beer when they were in regular service. Definitely a late night taco kind of night...shots were taken instead. 

Grilled cheese sando bro. 

Volunteered to pour for Goose at FOBAB. Beer nerds are the worst. I saw a lot of sweating, trouble breathing and sweat pant suits. I liked the sign I made for it at least. 

Some of the best sours I've had this year. There is good in Indiana and it comes in beer form that make your lips pucker like a tight anus. 

Did you know that I paint sometimes? 


Visited the homie Mark at his new place called Oak and Char which took over the Graham Elliot spot from years before. Classic American with global influences and they have their own naan baking thing! That shit was fucking delicious. It was also the most amount of food I think I've ever consumed on my own. All of that was digested and shat out in the morning. I should be dead. 

Got to check out the Run The Jewel tour and got to paint this awesome barrel for their Sound Opinion interview at the Goose barrel warehouse. Super cool to see them in such a conversational element and hungover as fuck. These dudes are just humble and stupid smart. So much inspiring hustle and overall great work ethic. Plus El-P has been killing it for so damn long! 

Checked out a food event at Urban Till in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. I love micro greens. I also love it when they tell you not to eat them. There was some serious drinking happening this day. This was the fourth place Bob and I drank at this day alone and it was only 6pm. I also got the impression that Urban Till is just waiting for that inevitable day when they legalize weed and can finally use all the aquaponic techniques for the greater good. 

Friendsgiving was the best thanksgiving I've ever had. Wagyu ribeye roast, turkey, gravy pork loin roast, chanterelle mushroom sauce, Korean food, bourbon crate, spanokopita, potato pies, gnocchi, lamb pork belly ragu, candied pecans, foie gras, and a lot of laughs.  

Finally got to eat at Senza. There doesn't need to be much said about this place. Just know that I said "fuck," "shit," "What the fuck," "damn," a lot during this meal. We also got some pretty baller portions for some of the courses. The bartender also pours shots that would make vikings blush. I ended up throwing up a chorizo taco in the morning and sighed a breath of relief after seeing my barf and not seeing of this deliciousness in my barf. 

I ate a lot of this butter.