Sunday, September 14, 2014

Drowning In All Sorts Of Wonderment.

These faces still crack me up. It makes no sense and the variety of pupils are endless. Its the little things you know? 

Checked out Kaiser Tiger where I took this wonderfully blurry photo of the enormous space. Great use of the one table randomly placed right in the middle of the room. 

Food was decent. They are known for their sausages. However, the thing to the left just left me confused and angry on so many levels. I think a Freshman in high school trying to impress a Junior plated this. And lets not even go into the portion size and pricing for this. The saving grace was the sausage which was pretty good. It was so good I forgot what it was. 

If beer and sausage wasn't enough, I rolled through the  Fountainhead and had a whiskey flight to celebrate the homie Patrick's birthday. It's so funny how classy these spirits are supposed to be and how fine this and fine that everything is when it just leaves you hammered and unclassy as all hell. Craft booze of any kind is such a fucking contradiction. 

Started this for the Alphabet Soup 2 show over at Galerie F. This is going to be fun.

Only natural to go to a massive pig/beer/bourbon/whiskey outing after painting in a crack alley. 

This fucking guy. Thats a mean looking lesbian.

Raw oysters baking in the hot sun? Great idea! 

Another great/bad idea. Manhattans to go. 

Despite all of the deliciousness that ensued earlier in the day, I end my night at a Jimmy Johns over hearing two fuck yards talking about stupid fuck yard shit. 

One pig even to the next. 

Helping out the homie Josh with his whole hog for a pig battle royale. Nothing cures a hangover better than sun poisoning and massive amounts of heat from a whole pig. 

Had some time to catch up on some reading...and OH LOOK, The ad that Nathan and I did for Tiger all up in the current issue of Lucky Peach. What a coincidence! 

Staff meal. This chicken was one of the best things I would have all day. So damn moist and tender, my diaper would be filled with joy soon after. 

So not a lot of photos because I was mainly working when it was time and I almost fainted this day from heat stroke but congrats to the boys at The Chop Shop with the overall win. We won best pork shoulder but these guys were amazing with the butchery and cooking. I also mopped Mario at corn hole taking him for almost $40. I'm surprisingly good at that game. Bag in hole. 

Stopped by Longman and Eagles block party and quickly realized how uncool I am. I also feel like a dirty old man leering at young people male or female...sometimes it was kind of hard to tell. Music was amazing though.

Its a shame my photos look like shit, but I'm sure most of you guys know how amazing Lula Cafe is and always has been. Just incredible flavors, impeccable execution and just a classy joint all around. I'd eat here everyday if i could. The photos make everything look like beef soup. 

More amazing shots by the homie Adam Leaders from my last beer dinner with Brooklyn Brewery at the Whole. He can make a bowl of puke look pretty amazing. 

Finished Cove piece for Alphabet Soup 2 group show. 



Killa Sege.

My blog, so I get to go bigger with the photo. 

The awesome homies Dula and Holly let me come over and fuck up their living room. This was particularly fun because they pretty much gave me creative freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. I love when clients actually trust you to do what you do best. Trust me, it makes a huge difference. 

Covered in fumes and paint particles, a bowl of ramen sounded pretty damn good. 

This creamy bowl of soup was pretty damn good. Been trying a lot of ramen as of late and this is definitely up there. The broth was rich, sodium level was perfect and the noodles had a nice toothless to it. Im not a huge fan of the enormous soup ladle/spoon thing but if thats my only negative complaint, I'd say I ate a pretty damn good bowl. 

Had lunch over at Summer House in Lincoln Park and quickly realized that I should own more pastel polo shirts. 

Spinach and artichoke dip was fucking good. Pretty typical but definitely better than TGIF's. All dips should have components like melted cheese, cream, and something green. 

Had the whole wheat pasta. It was good. Needed Salt. This is all I have to say about this. 

Stopped by Artpentry's wood/art studio to see what he was working on. A nice little Upendo solo show happened to be up so why not take a gander? 

I'd still hit it. 

Awesome space and awesome dudes. He was working on the putt putt for Riot Fest when we visited. This dude is going to blow the fuck up. He already has huge accounts and knows how to execute projects with the best of them. Can't wait to see the next project! 

This is how all Asians are born. 

Checked out My Dog Sighs over at Vertical Gallery. 

I wasn't too familiar with his work, but after seeing this massive show, I soon realized how out of the loop I am with art sometimes. I also wish I was better at drawing faces. It seems basic enough until you actually try it. You soon find out how terrible you are at that thing you think is so easy to do. 

Sundays were made for fried chicken...especially if its made by the homie Brian Fisher over at Schwa. That white boy does his thang. 

Stopped by the homie Anne's bday jam which ended up being more of a dog sitting park/buffet for me. 

A good way to end a Sunday is to visit an installation you helped out with where a bunch of famous chefs around the country are gathered and soon descend upon a chocolate "alley" and grovel to get these delicious confections made by Dana Cree. 

Seeing this made me complete. It also made me realize that no matter how look on the outside, we all have a little animal on the inside. 

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