Monday, August 18, 2014

Stuffs For Your Stuffs And Shit Stuffs

This shot was almost perfect except for the old yellow man who wouldn't move out of the way for my shitty camera phone to take the stupid ubiquitous photo of the skyline from the park shot.  He was probably actually enjoying the view and taking it in unlike my dumbass who is going to savor it from a toilet seat while I take a dump trying to figure what asshole comment I'll make about the photo. Fucking people right? 

Many treats from my brother's mom in law who is in town from Korea to visit and basically cook up amazing meals from Korea every single night. This is the only picture I could muster up that was shoved into my face. So damn good when simple food is done correctly. 

Checked out Benjyehuda in Lincoln Park for a light lunch. I'm starting to love the whole gigantic stamp on plain bags as logo things. 

Got the fully loaded falafel sandwich. Pretty good, super filling and full of heat. Not too much else to say about it though. Its super cheap and filling. No frills...did I mention simple? Oh yeah, its pretty good. Tasty. 

Went to a kind of confusing beer marketing event tasting/voting/drinking thing for a brewery called Mob Craft out of Madison. I sort of felt like it was a staging for some kind of hidden camera show or prank thing. It felt weird and natural at the same time. In the end, free booze is free booze right? I did make the mistake of voting and leaving my email...I've gotten 4 since then and its only been four days. 

Went to check out the Nones to wish Sara Jean a happy birthday at the Owl. I wasn't aware that my flash was on and realized that I had somehow went back in time and found a photo from the late 80's.

Its always good to start your day with a proper MRI. This paper dress wasn't too flattering on me, but it did make me realize how breezy dresses and skirts must be and how my legs were made for them guuuuuurrrrrrlllllll.

Went to Chicago Truborn to do a live art piece after putting in a 12 hour day to help out the homies at Gallery Bar with a 65 person sit down dinner in the world's smallest commercial kitchen. This Ras Terms piece made everything a little nicer and tolerable. 

1.5 hours. Its not a dolphin. I promise. 

Finally went to check this place out for breakfast while running errands.

Bro, soooooooo Logan.

Brah...soooooo Logan.

This was the bowl of cereal I ordered. Obviously its not, but sort of close. It was the savory goose berry dish which was very tasty and hearty and was the perfect amount. Just strange to see cooks utilizing precision tweezers for a brunch/breakfast menu...I mean time and place right? I don't mind community seating at all...I do mind having to hear people's annoying ass conversations and gawking at my food. I don't care to hear about your "industry" this or your "industry" that. Just spare my perfectly cooked egg and random balls of seasonal veg alone brah.

Life of a private caterer. I love Mexican grocery stores. 

Nothing to see here, just a bunch of beers chill in in a pool having a good time. 


Ever been to a shawarma party? Its pretty literal and delicious. I wish this can somehow be mounted onto a bike and powered by peddling. 

Went to check out the homie Matthew Ryan Sharp with Joey Potts at the Side Show Gallery attached to Revolution Tattoo. 

Killer enamel signage style work. 


This was some of the other dudes stuff, which was equally impressive and awesome. 

Bought the tipping piece. It spoke to me for some reason. OH yeah, because people are cheap assholes. 

Painted the next morning in Englewood which I hear is lovely this time of year. 

Its like the third light eye of hip hop yo. Like Krs - One being born into the god light of Kool Herc son. Nas Yo. AZ god...Cash rules kiiiiiiid. It's just a long dirty ass tunnel with a lot of pieces in it. 

I did a dedication piece to Schwa because the dudes are super awesome people and can cook their balls off. They've always been good to me so I thought I'd give back a one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago...Wu Tang is for the children.

Debs showing us his morning without coffee face. 

CBS crew getting down. 

Finally got to try this place out. 

By far one of the better bowls of ramen I've had recently. No pretensions, no over salting, clean porky broth with none of the caucasian/hipster bells and whistles. It was hearty without having to punch you in the face or curl your stache. Definitely coming back here because this was the only place not packed because they don't have dim sum and that is just fine with me. 

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