Friday, August 1, 2014

I Don't Care About Lollapalooza And I Am Fine With This.

So I guess its Lolla week and I couldn't feel any more normal than ever. I think I have gotten too old for tests of that magnitude. Kudos to those who can subject themselves to all of that standing. The fluid in my joints hate the idea of large tests. Anywho, I did a really fun dinner with 5 Rabbit brewery over at the Whole on Halsted. The magic in this makeshift branded growler is the guava paleta beer. Yes please.

I sort of cheated with the pictures because my good bud Adam took these awesome photos. However, its fair because I did technically upload these off of my phone so its all fair. 

Gout makes me stay in and pissed off at the world. At the same time, it does make me remember that I love to paint and create. Something I think I need to do more often. Painting outdoors will always be the first priority, but its good to be able to change discipline and do smaller scale things ever once in a its easier to sell these than whole sides of walls. 

Thank god for the decals on this van, otherwise this van would be a very very different kind of van. One that involves kidnapping.

I felt so little starting this off. 

Thank god for the reinforcements. 

The traveling Evolve team getting down and colorful. 

A lot of sweat and paint mist later, I finished, with my gout boot on and all! 

Awesome event organized by the homie Amuse and CMK. 

I wasn't quite done so I came home and finished. Props to my gout toe photobombing. 

Started another project with the Half Blind team. Nathan doing his best impression of a post modern girl posing for an artist painting her for inspiration.  Or its just Nathan sizing out the characters for the wall. Either way, its pretty gay. 

Table Donkey Stick just got officially pimped. Now that they got the facelift, y'all really need to go check this place out and get your grub on. Scott and the team are doing fun things with food with their own style. 

Oh why the hell not? 

As par the course, everyone has to make their lives seem way more fulfilling and exciting than it actually is so here is the whole table taking a picture of a tray of shots. Oh man, I sometimes miss the days of not having to document every single god damn thing to be something so damn "amazing." What have we become?  * I note the irony with this blog so before you make some snide snotty comment, I already know dick. 

Round 2 of the beer dinner at the Whole. 

Taste tested at the brewery itself and took a little tour around the joint. I think Begyle is strongly underrated as far as all of this "craft" beer movement b.s. is concerned. They don't try to be this big bad ass metal company nor do they do any bullshit exclusivity releases only available to beer dicks. They just make good honest, drinkable, approachable beer. 

Finally got to check out High Five Ramen over on Green st. The almost hour long wait on a fucking Tuesday was worth the wait. Pretty cool underground vibe, because it was literally underground. 11 seats, dingy looking but sleek. Fucking Sodikoff killing the game. 

I got the signature bowl, high five ramen. Rich, porky, salty, and szechuan peppercorny. My mouth was numb by the time this bowl was finished. It also swelled up my gout foot which can only be a good sign of how delicious it was. Anything that makes my foot this angry can only be taken as a compliment. 

Its like looking into a fat bone laden soup mirror. Thank god this place is so dimly lit, I would have felt really bad seeing how much actual fat I've consumed by the end of this. 

Keeping up with the painting party train. I hope I'm able to get my security deposit back...haha. Seriously though.

Painted this with the homies the other day after an initial misunderstanding with another wall. Second time is a charm. As well as getting burnt to shit. Someone seriously thought I was filipino soon after this was done. Do I look like I eat dogs? Answer is always yes. 

Painting is always more fun with people that you can make fun of. 

This is the only picture I took from the Begyle dinner. Adam will have a series for me soon. This garbage looking cup is my rendition of a cobb salad. Damn tasty, super long prep and plating time though. Give me a bucket of fried chicken any day. 

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