Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Action Jackson...Kim.

Here are some photos of some food I made courtesy of the homie Adam. 

This shot is courtesy of me and my shit phone. This is a Byron's hot dog in Lakeview. Not quite Chicago style and not quite anything really. Its just a hot dog with a bunch of shit on it. Bun wasn't even steamed. I also want to go on record saying that raw lettuce and green peppers have no business on a hot dog...ever!

Gout heaven. 

This megaplex known as Gene's Sausage shop is pretty much an emporium of every hard to pronounce candy, snack and weird Euro foods. My foot got spidey sense and started tingling all around. Careful though because the employees are pretty fucking annoying with their yammering at the check out line. My advice is to just keep yer mouth shut, pay, and leave as quickly as possible before the over friendly Lincoln Squarers start offering opinions and g rated sass. 

I felt compelled to take a picture of these because there will be a whole new generation of people who will scoff and laugh at these, kind of the same way we did about Beta or laser discs. We create so much damn waste. Totally had a crush on the babysitter growing up...still kinda do...in porno. 

I love last minute signage jobs. It's all I know. There would be on their merry way to Madison for the Great Taste of The Midwest. 

Prepping tomatoes for Fat Rice's Outsanding In The Field dinner.  

This is what feeding 100 really wealthy people looks like. Tazm thought he was still in jail which is why he was all bent over when I said the word "yo." 

Staff meal at one of the 30 cab drivers favorites. Its all pretty much mush. Even the guy serving it just said to mix it all up. 

Can't beat the view.


Other stuff. 

Mackerel stuff. 

Chef Abe ghosting himself trying to take pics of his pork loins. This is when my phone crapped out. The rest of the night consisted of a lot of people drinking wine, eating, amidst the ghosts of Cabrini Green aka Target now. If you want to piss off chef, keep saying sando, its hilarious. 

Rotofugi had a 10 year anniversary show and had artists do 10x10 pieces. I submitted one last minute and forgot to take a picture of it, but after seeing how awesome some of the pieces are, I'd rather not even compare mine. 


What Scribe looks like before coffee.

Definitely good to see the homie Ken Keirns in attendance. Haven't seen him in years. Still so freaking nice and humble...and looks EXACTLY the same. 

I worked a casual wedding the next morning and realized that this is the only decent picture i have of the food. Damn Adam and his stupid work. 

Finally got to check this place out. Been hearing many things and the verdict is that its a pretty standard sandwich. Chicken was cooked well, breading was good...everything was just good. I wouldn't punch an old lady to get one. 

Workin and Twerkin. Go MERICA!

Worked a BBQ competition helping out the homie Tony Martin. There wasn't a single vegetable in site. My foot was not too happy with this, but my mouth and stomach certainly were. Oh, we won.

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