Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where The Days Start Traffic Jamming The Nights.

Not a bad view from the office for the day. What sucked was the torrential down pour while I was working.

I kept hoping this was for Long Beach California. Complete opposite. It was for drunk ADULT baseball fans who couldn't comprehend the old menu. I don't know if I helped with this situation at all. 

You just feel like this sometimes and it can be terrifying, but then you remember the left over taco meat you saved for just the occasion and then mix it with other random leftovers and then fall asleep too fast full and wake up in the middle of the night clutching your stomach borderline crying wondering why you turned everything into your fridge into a shit ball of food. Totally relatable isn't it? 

Went to check out Parachute in Avondale. Great little place with sleek layout and great usage of all kinds of materials and random wares. Huge fan of the elongated overhead light starting from the community table extending into the kitchen. It was the chi to my kim. 

Trio of kim chi. Delicious. My mom would have walked out at this portion size and would have asked for a bucket of rice at the same time. 

Sesame leaves in tempura batter, barrel aged soy sauce. Please give me a trough of this and a giant joint. 

Best preparation of carrots. Had a bunch of shit in it that tasted good, had nothing to do with Korean food and I'm kind of okay with this. 

Melon salad. It was a melon salad. 

The pork belly pancake was interesting. A lot going on, wished the pork was a little thicker as I am a fan of thick cut anything, but rich in its own right and nice pineapple to cut through everything. And fucking sunny side egg bitch. 

The won ton dish was killer. Shaved veg, yogurt on the bottom, great filling and definitely filled the belly.  I opted for mostly vegetarian dishes as the homie Dio is a strict vegetarian. I would like to return to eat some dead animals if anyone would be interested. 

Holy shit balls this warm tea cake with blueberry sorbet and brown butter powder was pretty fucking good. I don't do desserts but I would fuck a box of betty crocker for this. Simple, tasty and wasn't trying to impress you with all kinds of technique. 

This also was damn delicious. The fresh peaches with the sheep's milk panna cotta provided a nice finish to the rich meal. Velvety with a perfect amount of sweetness. It capped the night perfectly until I got the bill. 

I've never sat and ate at the Kingsbury Street Cafe despite its close proximity to the Whole Foods where I do work sometimes. This place is actually nice inside and fucking humongous. I'd hate to have to pay for the a/c bill here with its 5000 ft high ceiling.  

Banh Mi sandwich was okay. Whats up with the thin slices of pork belly? Fucking go all in or sit yo ass at home. It was a big okay...I kind of liked the dressed prepackaged salad more than the sandwich. And pickled your fucking cuke please. 

So its almost unfair to go from Kingsbury Street Cafe to posting pictures of my dinner at Schwa. This is my 4th time here but god damn it, I can't leave this place alone! Starting with the Gin amuse that you sucked through a hot pink straw readied with tapioca balls. I'd suck a pink head for this all day.

Rose sorbet. Exactly what you think son. 

Fucking salad course man. What the fuck. Never would have thought white chocolate would go well with anything but almonds but this crazy dish somehow worked and worked very very well. 

The signature ravioli which I would eat off of the floor at a Denny's even if left there after a week. This one shot deal is the richest most umami thing thats slid down my esophagus and I've seen a lot of bukkake clips in my day. Makes no sense but nothing really does when you're busy licking the tiny little bowl for every last drop and not giving two fucks. 

We drank a lot...like a lot of good shit during dinner. This is literally 1/8th of the stuff we drank.

Carbonara course. 2 words...Parmesan Consomme. All the components lent itself well to each other and it was a little salty just like any good carbonara would be. This was another bowl licker. 


This is the breakfast course. I don't know what to say except that this will stand to be the best french toast I've ever had. I'd jerk off a Frenchie for this. 

Starting to get a little hazy.

FUCKING LOBSTER BITCHES. This would be on my top ten list for foods I would want to eat if I had one meal left on this Earth, however I would want it on a platter fit for a bucket of fried chicken. 

Clams, apple, radish, soup, errrrrthing. 

Fried sweetbreads. This should be on the menu of every street fair. Fuck a corn dog, give me a pile of this gout igniter and I'd be a happy man with an exploded foot and it'd be damn worth it. 

The groups 3rd round of shots.

Mahfucking gyros. The piece of meat on this fucking plate made my dick sing. This was so damn good, I almost weeped or maybe I just pissed myself from all of the cider/whiskey/beer I consumed. Whatever reason, it had me wanting to blow any fucking Greek. 

Ice cream and shit...I was pretty drunk by now. 

This does not help. 

Parsnip ice-cream ball you drop into root beer and shoot. By this time, door was locked and the party was about to begin. 

Great fucking night. Congrats to the homie Tooch on getting engaged and all of that crap. 

Did a pop up Korean Polish thing at Marias for the 4 year anniversary party. Fucking Salsa Truck kimchi, Patrick on the polishes, and me yelling at drunk hipsters always make for a great evening on the patio.


This is not my mom. Maria and I swapped shirts before this shot. 

Working a little hazy never stopped me before, however crippling humidity and strange weather patterns never really work for me well, fug it though, work is mahfucking work. 

Fucking love tomato season. 

Checked out Truborn's 1 year anniversary show with all kinds of art work on 45's was the theme. I almost forgot I was in this show. Long night...bourbon.

I can't even take a good flick of mine. 

A lot of cool shit in the show from a lot of cool people I respect and whose work I admire. I wish I was a little more coherent. 

Finally checked out Sportsmans for a friend's going away party. Great looking bar, don't ever ever plan on coming here on the weekend unless you're 25 and under and love accidentally rubbing your genitals on others trying to get by. 

Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Fucking finally. 

Decent. Chicken was cooked very well, the whole honey butter thing was interesting although slathering fat on top of meat that was deep fried in fat is adding insult to injury. I would opt for the in house hot sauce instead. All in all, it was very tasty, I just can't ever believe in 2 pieces costing $8 though. It's just weird to me. I'm also starting to really hate the drumstick despite its natural handle for easy consumption...fuck a drum, I'm a thigh guy. BTW, the side did not come with the 2 piece. 

Checked out a pretty cool alley party with all kinds of food, beer, and ugh, we were so fucking tired and spent by this time. It was just too damn hot and humid. I also saw an affluent looking white lady almost wipe out twice. This was the highlight. Also, the school of rock kids were really fucking good, I also think they were fed meth because they looked like fucking nut jobs and wouldn't stop playing. 

Culture bitches...time to get educated and shit, naw mean? 

1893 Columbian Expo exhibit at the Field Museum. Lay outs and fonts were amazing back then, for everything. 

Too bad, no minorities were allowed anywhere near the fair grounds as were probably working, shining shoes, caged, or would have been lynched during the fair. 

Honey Butter Fried Monkies.

Someone somehow snuck in a gummy snack into this ancient Egyptian Tomb. Whoever did this, felt it important to add their retarded sugar two cents into history. This is why we can't have nice things. 


Great time at the museum having visited all of the special exhibits and realizing how un-cultured and un-educated I really am. I also saw dudes with tear drops tattooed on their face which confused the hell out of me, but then made me realize how accessible and non discriminatory places like this are. I'm grateful and humbled from places like this and it does make me happy to know that all walks of life can enjoy these exhibits together. There are also a shit ton of Asians that go here so if you got that yellow fever, you may want to check out your local museum. 

Finished this today in Logan Square. Last minute job for Galerie F and the East Room over on Milwaukee and Fullerton. Thanks for the invite Billy. Thanks for the assist Slugo. This was definitely a fun one to paint today.