Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Good Friend Gouty McGout Gout Is Back!

Starting off a week in pain due to enjoying the finer things in life such as good drank and grub never sits well with me ever. I know better than to keep provoking this condition but it's going to be a struggle, as it should be. I think its completely unfair compared to some of the more terrible diets I've witnessed from people, but gotta just roll with the punches. 

One of the dessert offerings. Honey lemon yogurt, honey caviar, macerated strawberries, basil, smoked pistachios. 

Real important dinner on deck cooking with an OG of French cooking Hubert Keller. How and why he decided to cook at a grocery store is still beyond me and Im still grateful for this experience. Plus downing 4 vicodins always helps move with the paint. 

You know you're a G when you get your wagyu beef cheeks flown in son. 

Here's chef about to plate up his amazing duck confit terrine. 

Here's a dumbs picture of me holding up the leftover terrine for later consumption. 

My contribution to the dinner was the beer snack, appetizer and dessert. The beer snack was bacon fat popped corn, burnt sugar, pink salt, and toasted sesame seeds. My app pictured here was coffee rubbed tenderloin, bacon vinaigrette, pickled cous cows, one hour egg and bulls blood micro greens. 

Second dessert, Bourbon County Stout gelato topped with some maldon salt, turned into a float with 2009 Bourbon County Stout. Nerve wrecking but relief because my foot was almost the size of a softball at this point. 

Getting restless at home, Dana and I headed out for a late night snack involving all of my fave suburban treats including the only bagel shop I know that is open 24 hours...also the closest thing to an authentic NY bagel in the city. 

Had to paint up at West Fest the next day along with a little side project for the Windy City Rollers. 

This can be a shot of any street fair because they are all starting to look the same. I will say however that the music here is probably the best you'll listen to than any other street fair. I mean Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Lee Fields, Death, Jon Simmons, DIZ, cmon son. I'm just so glad that we didn't have to deal with bullshit bands like Too White Crew <----thats a="" band.="" nbsp="" p="" real="">

Makeshift gallery.

Looks like a bat pig.

The next day was dedicated to the homie Bryan and Rosa's baby shower. What better way than to disregard my foot pain than with a whole pig roast courtesy of Flesh for Food? I'm actually glad I stayed sober for this party...it could have gotten reallllll messy with all of the booze, stairs, and other "sniffable" things. 

Feeling ansy, I agreed to cook dinner for some extended family members from the Lorenz clan for their new apartment as well. 

Went out to the burbs to Paper Crown Gallery to paint a small wall with the homie Ken for an upcoming traveling sticker show. Great huge space with walls and colors for days. I wish I had taken a picture of the awning. They are all obligated to use the same terrible signage in their respected strip mall location. People who talk shit about the suburbs need to grow the fuck up already, its where all the disposable income is and where people actually pay for things. Fuck your guest list. 

Finished collar production. 

While here, I had to satiate my ramen craving. 

It was fucking packed.

This whole experience ran me almost $20. Who the fuck charges $1.50 for eggs? It was a bit salty but decent. I also believe it gave me the runs. 

I took a picture of this because I have no idea what a $5.00 "fill up" is at KFC. Can anyone shed some light on this? Gravy? Soda? Chicken? This is the kind of shit that scares me about food. 

At this point in the week, I figured what was the point of living miserably with my gout? Ill just give a big fuck you to it by eating at a delicious restaurant headed by a friend and really give my gout a run for its money...well no run because it hurts like hell. A hobble for its money. 

Nice small open clean kitchen. Chef wouldn't have it any other way. 

Terrible for gout? You bet it is. Sardines have some of the highest purine levels out there. FUCK IT though because this shit was good as fuck! Like Ill eat 14 more of these good as fuck. 

Getting all English in dat ass. 

Fresh peas, mint, snap peas...OH PLEASE!

Shishito peppers. I have a cousin with the same name. 

I still have no idea why avocado topped this but everything else on this plate was solid. 

Dessert was deep friend scrimp heads. Its like eating shrimp flavored chips but way better because you can suck the shit out of dem heads though. 

Its that magical time of year when Pitchfork happens. I'm always grateful for the work that Goose gives me alongside their awesome company as a whole. 

Nice One starting his painting to a rip roaring crowd. 

It is starting to come to this. Kids took Vice's do and don't list way too seriously. 

This is nature. 

I get more and more awkward every year. 

Kendrick killed it. 

Starting to feel a little more normal. Cant wait to see how this all finishes up with Nice One, Lucx, and Slugs.

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