Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is It All Over My Face?

The good folks over at rereleased this shirt so you should go buy one and get tough like Sara and Joey here. 

It was foggy out. 

Checked out Beermiscuous over in Lincoln Park. Its essentially a beer cafe complete with alphabetized beer, taps, and comfortable Euro looking everything. They also had a gyros buffet for the opening party - I'm sold. 

Went to Bar Deville for the weekly comedy night put together by Matty. He brings in comedians from around the country and do a fun casual set. Judging from the crowd from this night, girls love to laugh, really really loud whether a joke is being told or not. 

Got to check out the homie Erin Loretta's work over at the Bucketfeet space downtown in Block 37. I wish the gems were real gummy candies you could take off the wall and eat. That would have been so interactive, gross, messy and awesome at the same time, but probably just gross.

Had a friend in from out of town, so we decided to go to one of the OG spots in Chicago Avec. As you can tell, I didn't take any food pics because I was busy stuffing my damn face. It was gluttony glory. Dana brought out a board of malort shots soon to be followed by every single dessert on the menu. There are good meals and then theres this, which I think goes beyond great. THOSE DAMN NUTTER BUTTERS THOUGH.

I didn't know if this was a colon checker or a faucet...thank god I washed my hands after. The dryer is on the faucet. Jesus, whats next a fucking binaca station on top of the dryers? This is a bit ridiculous. 

Checked out Chicago Tribe's 20th anniversary at the Mid where Phife Dawg killed it guessed it ATCQ classics. I ain't mad at the funky diabetic. He also looked like the love child of Kevin Hartman and Jay Dee. That isn't racist is it? 

We got classed up the next night and checked out the Flying Bach over at the Lyric Opera House. Breakin to Bach. Interesting concept and execution, still weird to be sitting amongst millionaires losing their shit to a headspin though. 

The Soho house had a little intro party at a warehouse off of Green and Kinzie. Cool party, cool looking people, good sponsors, good a/c. I'm too old to try and look cool with no a/c. I'm too old to try and look cool. 

The good folks over at Bang Bang Pie had Flesh For Food host a goat roast for their summer side yard supper. This fucker definitely shrinks a lot once its all said and done. 

Staff beer. I think I was responsible for drinking an 1/8th of this beer by myself. 

On top of all the awesomeness going on with the plate of food, Dana provided the a la mode for the pies to finish off the meal. 

Drew, Brian, Stacy, and Eric and myself on the picture. This would also be the dishwashing crew (with the exception of Stacy and Drew) after everything is said and done. Every kitchen should have 3 cooks washing dishes, comedy will ensue. 

Happy BYOB customers!

Sold out.

Got to do a fun job painting this RV with the homie Amuse over near Gary. The client wanted color and to fill the whole thing so we did just that. 

Killed it as usual. 

When in Rome. 


I deserve it. I just wish there was an "oriental" operating the train. 

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