Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bang Bang.

Did this for The Madhatters Ball via the good folks over at Bucketfeet. I ended up painting on people more than this piece once the evening was all said and done.  Dudes like getting their faces painted...I guess it makes sense? 

How do you start off your night of an upcoming full night of drinking beer? Drink a beer four years old with friends.

We get it, its so metal brah. 

I miss simple beer labels. I can't tell if this is a straight to DVD sci fi movie or a bottle of beer. 

Bjork approved.

It was all beer and alcoholic. Ill take a Kombucha. 

Did a late night pop up for Marias in Bridgeport sporting my mug on a menu board done by the homie Nathan. Dude has mad yellow fever, says the guy about to deep throat a bottle of white sauce. 

Simple drunk food. Vietnamese brat, pickled daikon and carrots, cilantro.

Just the tip. Marinated tri tip, horseradish cream, micro arugula, onion jam. 

Haven't painted a normal piece in a while. The character next to me steals the show though. What a dick. I need to get back to basics. I forget how effective a simple palette can be. 

Stopped by CHAOS brew club for one of the many Rude Hippo fundraising parties. This structure can only create this shape when you make the jenga boards yourself unsanded, primed, and on a slight incline. In other words, nothing about this was very authentic. 

Went to Peabe and Jamie's wedding right down the street afterwards. I think this is where they filmed The Sound of Musica - get it? Humboldt Park son! 

SOOO CLOSE! The ceremony was almost through until god got in on the action and started to cry at this union. I also have an idea to equip chairs with some sort of pancho or umbrella like contraption after experiencing this. I think it'd be genius. 

I showered so I can get showered on. I also have a stupid book bag on because I would have to DJ at Analogue this same night.

I have no idea what was going on here. I think I was showing off the fact that the most expensive thing on me this night was indeed my belt. 


This was one of the best lesbian wedding's I've been to.

Peabe's head exploded. 

I wasn't lying. I had to DJ at Analogue that night. Three events in one day, tie on, bag o' records made for a very drunk me. 

So drunk I almost died again, this time cooking rice. I guess if I were to die cooking something, it should be something ethnically appropriate. What the fuck was I thinking? This was left on a low "simmering" heat all night. It didn't smell too good in my apt. the next day. 

The last few shots were done all in one office! The guys over at Engage Digital Group, letting me bukkake their walls up. 

I want all paint jobs to end this way. I had to go to work after this work. Bang Bang, 

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