Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working Under Non Extreme Conditions

Got to check out the homies over at the C.H.A.O.S. brew club. A collective of awesome home brewers who super nice and always out to have a good time sharing beers and anything else digestible. This vintage bar was donated and created specially for the club. Good things come to good people.

They also happened to have smoked turkey legs this particular evening. HOLY SHIT! Fuck those legs over at the Taste of Chicago...this was the truth. Buffalo sauce is also one of my vices, you can drizzle some on anything and I'd probably suck/eat it...seriously. I'm like a dog with peanut butter, you just can't explain it. 

They totally planned this. Their stomachs definitely touched lying down before.

18th st. Brewery had a grand opening (again) and had awesome bands (Jordan Years here), unveiled the growler room, and had awesome food from Flesh for Food. 

Tara doing live screen pulls of the mini Rick Ross aka Drew.

Getting krunk with that young uncarbonated test tube of beer son. 

This pretzel from the Radler was as heavenly as it looked...the mustard not so much. 

Some glamour shots from the Letherbee distillery dinner over at the Whole on Halsted. 

I was more excited for this after the dinner than the dinner itself. 

The southwest side of the city at 4am looks eerily the same as it does at 6pm.

Time to paint. 

A quick 1.5 hour jam. Also buffed some of the terrible racist graffiti around the walls as well. 

Nice finds here. These make the best painting spots...just wish I had a car and a gun.

I love flares. 

So we painted a very large wall for a beer distributor. It was a long week on ladders and pallets. The story of beer is a long and colorful journey even before it gets into your mouth hole.

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