Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Texas, You Had Me At PIG

What better way to start a Texas trip than by being greeted by this lovely face? The homie Greve and I went to go search for paint and coffee but figured this was way better. 

Not the best, but not the worst. This humble plate was courtesy of Augies which is a San Antonio institution for simple BBQ. It did the job.

Clogged Caps took place in a factory area where kitchen appliances and fridges, and random car parts and mexicans were being sold...I felt right at home. 

Bekit loves having other people's artwork covering his own work. So selfless.

Told you. 

Another classic, although Tuckers has fallen by the waste side as yuppies have over run this classic jazz bar and now turned it into a wannabe Austin cool guy bar. 

The jail cells here are colorful. 

Breakfast tacos are on point though. No frills, its basically a whole breakfast in a tortilla ready to be jammed into your face.

I got lucky and painted right by the lines so when ever the line stopped, just hop right on over and leave a little watermark. 

Looks like a piece for a laundromat somewhere. 


Forgot the name of this home joint. Classic meat and potato spot that had a decorated tree in the middle of the place. Im fine with a giant onion ring in the middle of my plate. Chicken was moist, cooked perfectly and paired well with my whiskey and hangover. 

Murdered it. Always been a huge fan of Slie's work. Super nice dude as well. 

You know you're in Texas when you see an outdoor community table next to my favorite taco stand at 4am. I thought it was a quinceanera, it was just drunks...wait, one in the same? 

Greve and Cove really hitting it home with this prodo. Also that muscle car was Greve's rental. always have to be a tough guy no matter what. 

Got to paint another wall and I quickly realized that I love to do black fills and tag a bunch of other peoples names. 

And then this fucking dude just snapped the fuck off out of nowhere. 

Cute baby pic break. Supher finally did something right. 

FINALLY MADE IT TO SALT LICK! I've been wanting to come here for several years now and finally made the pilgrimage. I know its a bit touristy and Lockhart this and Blacks that, but Salt Lick has been around for a while and that open fucking pit son. I think when I die, I want to be slowly cooked and smoked and fed to fat white people. 

Random hipster - esque bar in Austin. Storage room or game room? How about both! 

Just couldn't get enough painting so Bekit and I did an alphabet soup using Bekit, Revise, Sloke, LAWS, and CMW letters. Oh, why the hell not? 

The pho this time around was wasn't Chicago good, but held its own and did its job to shutting my mouth up about how hungry I was. See ya later Texas. 

I fucking hate the CTA sometimes. 

Back to work.

My model name would be "turbulence." 

Scrap can haven. Always love painting alongside Amuse, Sege, and out of town guest Rapes. They are all stellar painters and fucking comedians I tell yah. There also happened to be a shooting less than a mile away while we were painting this. Humboldt Park, you so quirky. 

Character extraordinare Scribe and his wife Alisa had an amazing opening at Rotofugi. I've been following Scribe for years now and am humbled and grateful to be able to call him a friend, even though he'll never acknowledge it in public. I couldn't believe all the images were actually done with paint. It looks digitally printed and is magnificent in person. I also think he farted a lot on my couch after his pizza meal. 

I have a problem with these. They are fun to put up. Stress relief yo. 

Random signage for the Chop Shop. I love never ending jobs. Support your local butcher! 

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