Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So Many Damn Letters!

What did I tell you? The Chop Shop is the gift that keeps on giving...projects. This grouping of words and fonts kept my hand at bay in pain so I couldn't touch myself this night, but you best believe the nights to follow...dont want to get too graphic but my balls are still mad at me. 

Another friend that likes to throw curve balls at me is Ed from Co Pro and Marias. Hence this manic wall for his seasonal Mash Tun Fest. 

Helping out friend in tight situations can bring on bouts of day dreaming about winning the lottery someday. 

Scott showing us his salami at Table Donkey and Stick. Helping out Flesh for Food for the Sunday carver dinner was awesome...also finishing a whole bottle of whiskey with ramp pickle juice helped...alot. 

Miss seeing this guy at shows. 

Finished this project with the team. You'll never guess who or what its for. 

Got to participate in the Key Ingredient cook off as a sponsor for the Whole. 

Some shit with other shit on it. It was pretty good though.

Does this guy ever fucking lose anything? Abe Conlon from Fat Rice holding his prize for best use of miso. I'd put those balls in my mouth any day <----you eventually.="" going="" happen="" it="" know="" p="" to="" was="">

Do not snooze on Tracy Morgan. This dude fucking murdered it. Said some of the rawest/truest shit I've heard in a while. He's also fat as fuck. 

Joey Potts turned 33. Tony Trimm turned into instant creeper in these photos. 

Did this live art piece in 1.5 hours for a gala that the Chicago Fire had in the West Loop. I quickly realized that I have no clue as to what soccer players looked like, I'm just used to the Mexicans that are shirtless and fat that play along the lake with a volleyball. 

Look at this fucking guy. Nathan West is so fucking in love with me. Also never hold a ketchup squirter like this because, well you know. DICKS.

What the fuck? They made me spell out Bourbon County Stout all the way. Asses. 


Also had a mini solo show for Craft Beer Week at Dryhop Chicago with a beer themed show called "Be Pour" utilizing the way beer interacts in a pint and juxtaposing my style over the sweet gold carbonated liquid. I'm also donating 10% to help out the homies Rude Hippo for any thing that sells. Check them out! 

This happened and it was pretty fucking awesome. Thanks Trimm! 

This is real. Adam and I have to live with this for the rest of our lives. 

My Brew La La happened and it left. It was the usual shit show you expect my beer events to be. Great brews, brewers, dj's and free screened shirts! 

This fucking guy. Its always a party when Scuba Steve is in town...youre also guaranteed a terrible hangover and at lease one person barfing in the group. NOT IT! 

I have no idea how I woke up from a Scuba Steve aftermath to cook a dinner party, but you either do it or you don't...and I always do so I did. It was a very special dinner though because Jule and Linda made it official in the states with their marriage. I've known them for so freaking long, its only right I cook for them and take pics of their awesome dogs and not eat them. 

Also wrote up a little somethin somethin for the homies. 

If you ever want to feel like a jock, go to the Chicago Alternative Comic Expo. You'll feel real cool real fast. 

My haul from Sunday. Joe Tallarico's comics and a recipe book with illustration from Jeremy Tinder! Killer! 

People Under The Stairs still to this day put on one of the best live shows out there. However, fuck Do Division. 

Kimchi and handmade polishes can only mean one thing...KOPO MOTHERFUCKERS! The next one we are doing in July is going to be good. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. 

Look at how big this little shit is! Recently turning 4 finally and constantly trying to steal my phone wears him out. 

RIP Frankie Knuckles. I haven't seen this many fat black women since a Mos Def concert almost ten years ago. 

Double sided tap handles just did for the homies over at Middle Brow. Sleep is starting to sound pretty good. 

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