Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just Keeping Up With The Joneses

Finally get to cross Ada street off of my bucket list of places I've been wanting to eat for a long time now. This place is a hidden gem, definitely off the beaten path. 

Nathan, Virginia and I pretty much ordered everything on the menu with the exception of one or two dishes. This place is superb. The service, atmosphere and the head chef coming out and talking about the food is always a nice touch. Everything tasted really fucking good with an emphasis on freshness. 

Checked out the Red Bull Curates event and quickly realized and re-emphasized my hatred for voting contests. There were some awesome entries this year though...some of the best I've seen from Chicago. 

Not to mention the separate gallery show that was going on simultaneously. Antck's work is still so killer and implements techniques I'm still confused about. 

Always so good in a lot of ways. 

Thats usually the look I get from sophisticated looking black women....all women.

Nathan's self portrait. 

Sorry, this is Nathan's self portrait...titties on point son. 

Cove kilin the game at Galerie F's Geometric Graffiti show. So goooooood. 

Mine, not so good, but at least it got done. I wish my name was Richard, so that R would be relevant in my house. 

 I did like this one though. 

Two hours later, scrapped off. WTF.

DJed an awesome beer event at the Dawson Chicago for Evil Twin brewing where Jeppe was in house barely alive from the night before looking like a drunk twin. They since got a new chef but the food and drink program here is always on point. 

Already that time of the year? 

Oh you know, just dressing up as a fictional character and taking the CTA to get here, no biggie. "I'm a professional seat filler otherwise." 

Helped out Scott with his booth to keep him company and shoot the shit about errrrrthing. Super cool dude I met out in NY during Fountain. He also bought two of my pieces which saved my ass! He knows his comics housing some super rare originals and getting all industry on dat ass. 

Oh and this. 

This unfortunately is what they wear to sleep at night and cry in. 

If he wasn't a famous comic/writer, Brian Posehn would just be another Ghostbuster like the above picture. Good call on the headphones dude. 

Belly outtie or strange penis? 

This needs to take the cake for best home made costume. Insane how much time and thought must have gone into creating this...the adult inside this costume is still a virgin. 

I did a battle during all of this for Secret Walls against the homie Upendo. 

He won. That bastard. 

I also had to do another live art gig that night and broke down painting this for the homie Brooks who has moved on recently. Huge loss for this city and Milwaukee. He has always been so supportive and positive with art and creating in general. Always in high spirits and smiles and despite health problems, he was came out to draw, paint, or just support fellow artists doing their thing. Original, humble, and talented is the only way I will remember him and he loved terrible jokes which is probably why he let me be his friend. GOLDEN FOREVER RIP.

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