Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hot Damn, Its Going Down

My work space has become a sticker drying station. I feel super fruit loopy doing these but I figure its better than nothing right? Right? 

I've been loving Jordan Goulett's work for years prior to him doing signage for one of the best local breweries and now restauranteurs in the city. Dude is mad talented and a little bit too humble for my terrible attitude and hater ass mentality. 

There are no windows in this hostage like space but holy fucking high water, Green St. Meat Company in the west loop has restored my faith in Chicago BBQ, two words that never went together despite its best attempts around town. I feel like it takes a quiet psycho ninja like Sodikoff to nail it right on the head. That brisket made me want to hold my shit in for ever. 

I forget that these things happen sometimes. 

Customized my own custom shoes for Bucketfeet. It's hard  for me to wear such a solid bright color knowing myself as not being bright or happy in general. I would be doing the red color a disservice. I think I need to see a therapist. #whitepeopleproblems

Galerie F and the You Are Beautiful peoples invited me to be a part of the opening exhibit for the YAB book release. Here is my submission, a homage to vintage neon lettering. 


Chris Silva. DUH.

Got to paint a skate park in Kekalb alongside some of the city's best grafters. Having six letters to paint can get a little crowded and in this case, I had to reverse the last E and pretend like I meant for it happen because of the weird lawnmower man character breaking into pieces next to me. Bubble letters next time, fuck this art shit. 

This is what happens when I wait around for my ride to finish his piece. I look for as many things to paint as I can and just have fun. It was awesome seeing it get killed when the skaters came in and just grinded the shit out of the surface...which is what they are supposed to do. 

Went up to Milwaukee with the homies Tarin and Jake and made a quick stop to start my evening of eventual barfing and anxiety from drinking a bucket of shitty beer. I seriously barfed a serious barf.

The real reason for the Milwaukee excursion was to check out the homie Hannibal Burress do his thing at one of the strangest coolest venue in the city. White people love Hannibal. 

Helped out Flesh For Food with a private dinner over at Table Donkey and a Stick. There is some serious magic that comes out of this kitchen during their normal service...also careful of pickle backs here. Scott Manley will get you drunk and then proceed to crack you up. 

This is what happens when managers are cool. They misspell your name and get your whole ethnicity wrong. 

My contribution for the night. Brussels done three ways, curry butternut squash puree, candied pecans, smoked crisp chicken skin. 

One of my awesome clients let me paint her bedroom and let me do what I do...leave a mess and drink all of your diet cokes. 

Oh yeah, did I mention my shoe from yet? 

Yes, I had some kind of drink from one year after I was born. Straight vinegar. 

I got so inspired from Green St. Meat Companuy, that I dedicated a 5 course beer dinner with Revolution at the Whole with Flesh For Food. This brisket came out redonkulous. It also looks like a giant sloth turd. 

I just bought a new laptop so now I'll be able update more of my shitty iPhone photos and comment on bullshit! I'm sorry for anyone that may follow this blog for taking such a long time to update, its been a hell of a year so far and I am now just catching up with stuffs, so a huge thank you and shout out to those that have told me that they like the blog and follow up, I am doing this for all 3 of you.

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