Friday, June 13, 2014

Fall Summer Off To A Pretty Good Start

This fucking dog is making fun of my chinky eyes. Racist ass dog.

Went down to Gary to redo the 18th Street Brewery wall along side some heavy hitters. Awesome fun time painting, the tree stumps that are all over this yard - not so fun. 


Amuse doing a name exchange with Semor. KILLED IT! 


If you are ever in need of scrap metal or random tires, I'd highly recommend Gary, IN. 

Who the hell drinks Diet Rite and Pepsi in one sitting? 

I was hoping to catch a ghost or two with this shot, but figured the crack heads that probably sleep here at night scared them off. 

The homie Jonski hit me up to do a quick collab on this one at the same time making me look like I just started painting only a week or two ago. Mind boggling how well this dude has been painting since the 80's. Equally mind boggling is how he has never been to Don Pedro for carnitas in Pilsen. It took this Korean to break him in. 

Not to be outdone, lent a hand for Flesh For Food with this beauty for Will's bday from Revolution Brewing. I haven't seen that much beer at a house party...ever. Kegs, whiskey, pig, beer, good people will always end up in a blackout. 

Or in my case, a live art gig at the 1st Ward space at the Chop Shop. Came here pretty drunk and had to paint this under the influence. By the time this was done, I just wanted to curl up in a corner and hug myself to sleep. 

Next day was spent for a surprise bday party for the homie Mando D30. This is a baby picture of him. he pretty much looks and smells the same, just more Banana Republic. 

Went straight to djing at Marias Packaged goods drunk as a skunk again, but somehow managed to draw and sober up with a cup of strong ass coffee from across the street. I don't how much longer I have to live. 

How do you know you're kind of a big deal? When the marquee at The Metro is dedicated to your birthday and when people like Derrick Carter hangs out and buys shots for everyone. 

Shazam Bangles killllllled it this night! Just doing what he does best, playing a CD and pretending to spin. Ha. 

And then there was this. I was told that each hoop is $300. I never knew this was a thing. I didn't get pictures of the burlesque show because I didn't want to look like a perve and/or get caught looking like a perve trying to take a picture. This night for me should have ended two hours with me in bed early and ready to face the new day. It ended up with me waking up to a pizza puff wrapper and mozzarella stick crumbs with my pants half off on my couch. Lesson - If you want to not get drunk, do not drink with cooks, dj's or bartenders...or artists...or anyone creative.

Whipped out this freestyle collab with the fellas over at Paper Crown Gallery for Gallery Bar. It was   a change of pace to just do design/pattern work and just have fun. 

No reason for this photo other than I just like the way it looks. 

Cool howler/growler bottle from Jackie O's. Forgot what the beer was but it clocked in at 9% for some light colored beer. These kinds of beer are always trouble. Its almost as if the breweries are trying to trick you into getting drunk. 

Got to participate for Meyvn presents over at the Whistler. Got to see DJ Pickel and Tess kill the party while I was just getting drunker and drunker. I'm fucking tired. 

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