Thursday, February 13, 2014

Random Winter Shennanigans.

Huge props to the homie Drew Fox who finally opened up his dream brewery, 18th Street. I've known this dude for the past three years and he's been nothing but positive and supportive of anything beer and community. Not to mention that Joey Potts is the creative director for 18th street so you know anything visual coming from here is going to be "off the chains." (Joey's favorite thing to say)

Privilaged to do an awesome project for the Thompson Hotel. I got to paint the walls of their gym transforming what looked like an inmate work out center to an after school work out center.

Goose Bond. 

Fucking burger night at Owen and Engine is legit. I'm also a whore for a soft boiled egg especially one surrounded by meat. 

Speaking of meat, the annual beer share at Sun Wah went down complete with a shit load of photos that went missing of the beers that we drank. 

Trimm and I had the honor of djing The Dawson's NYE party which was a fucking blast! People got down, drinks were drank and I paid a $100 cab ride and I got really mad about it. Sounds like a pretty legitimate and normal NYE to me, except no crying this time. 

I mean, when in Rome.

Finally got out of the house and painted an outdoor piece with literally a garbage bag full of scraps, can you tell? 

The homie CZR and I painting a piece for Alyce Paris in Morton Grove. I can't properly describe what they do exactly so I'll encourage you to google them.  

Got to be a participant for Artists N' Ales down in Bridgeport. And by participant I mean doing last minute signage and by last minute I mean literally right before the doors opened, I was asked to write everyones name on the walls. 

FINALLY got to check this place out per request of the birthday boy Sang. 

Yeah, it went down like this.

And this. Intel just got lined up for the occasion and Pistol's hair waved to the side on its own upon seeing the feast before her. 

If you thought Sang was ever anti social or quiet, try eating a table full of crabs with him. He's like a crab ninja. And yes, the wait staff does wear obnoxiously bright shirts. 

What does one do with a crab hangover? Paint a freight in the freezing cold. I also wiped out along the way on some ice. If this winter could talk...

Finally got invited to participate in a You Are Beautiful project! I certainly felt honored and hope to represent proper with this piece. 

Chicagoans love to drink in the winter. Its the only way to deal with the shitty hand we are dealt with surviving here in the polar vortex. Bottle shares get to be pretty overwhelming with the variety and intensity of some of these monsters. This is just a sample, a lot more urine inducing booze was drank during and after. 

Oh yeah, I paint. 

Organized another Art of Baderbrau event over at Beauty Bar. Had homies Tubz, Nathan West and Anne Heisler paint and drink. It was an overall success mixed with a lot more spray paint fumes than I expected. I also took one of the biggest dumps in public here, I think the sushi I had in the middle was a bad idea. 

Did another live art event the day after over at Gallery bar for Canvas Wars where the theme was "My Bloody Valentine." I went up against a few heavy hitters and came out the victor. I was just as shocked and very very drunk by the end of this. I did end up spitting whiskey onto this piece before the night ended.

I also got to eat at Schwa again. Ill leave it at this pic. It was pretty fucking good.

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