Monday, November 18, 2013

Phoenix In A Nut Shell

Started my 1.5 day trip out in Phoenix with this little dude. Fucking chihuahua and Mexicans go together like Koreans and self deprication. 

The name of this bar slips me but houses a pretty diverse group of bar flies. Everyone ranging from white girls to white college students to old white people to 3 latins and 1 Korean. 

Furious styles crew 20th anniversary pre party. I forgot the name of this place too. I was a few beers in and bracing myself to see a bunch of dancers fake fighting. Not gay at all.

The FSC og Bboy House representing. 

Dance fake fighting about to commence. Keep them dirty ass pitchers of Stella coming! 

This is the face of bathroom condoms.

Woke up ready to cook for the homies in AZ. When in Rome, shop in Mexico.

It felt and looked like a pinata exploded. They did have everything I needed with prices that can feed any quinceanera or road side futbol game. Warning: don't trust the teenage polish girl "butchers" here, they have no clue what anything is, especially meat.

Phoenix is for dogs. 

And pools. 

What the hell is a "vegetable"?

Korean food in Phoenix in a strip many things wrong with that last sentence. It was even more awesome seeing dudes from Denmark destroying all of this ching chong food. I went ahead and ordered the standards...MEAT. It was actually pretty good with the owner/server being what all older Korean women are like - bossy and being a fucking know it all. And yes they do karaoke at night.

Favorite tool.

So in AZ, they sell Montanas in Ace Hardware. That's so awesome. Denmark knows how to pick out colors. 

Its hot out and there are pick up trucks EVERYWHERE.

Squeezed one in before my flight to Austin. Literally went straight to the airport upon completion. Also nice to see a kid being chased by security right next to me while painting this. 

Denmark don't fuck around when it comes to getting down and painting. Do yourself a favor and follow these guys on instagram @furiously_reks and @furious_fred. 

Congrats to FSC on their 20th anniversary! I wish I could have stuck around and checked out some of the festivities. Major props to Brooks and Miklo for hooking a brotha up and making me feel like a complete nuisance the whole time I was there!

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