Monday, November 18, 2013

A Lot Of Color In This

The awesome Joey Potts and I had an awesome project for an awesome brewery about to open up in a not so awesome town, but that's all about to change after18th Street Brewery opens up in Gary, IN.

Joey Potts and I duplicating a bottle he designed for 18th Street. This brewery is going to be rad. Its only like 45 minutes outside the city. Did I mention that the South Shore Metra line drops you off one block away? That'll make the views of the town on the way back a little more bearable.

Ugh. Stupid fall colors. 

Went to check out the street artist show up in the Cultural Center downtown. It was nice to be greeted by SB fill ins walking up. I had to do everything in my power not to put a tag on this bus stop installation. 


Graffiti parachute? Graffchute? Paragraff? Or just giant deflated thing in the middle of the floor? 

Ruben snapped. 

I feel like a lonely chip in a crumpled up bag of chips...It's pretty awesome. Jeff Z never disappoints.

Jesus getting fingered. 

FUCK YES. The grocer was always one of my favorites. Super original, well executed and just fucking awesome compared to some of the garbage out there. 

Speaking of garbage, not sure if this was part of an installation or just straight up garbage...both? 

There's an awesome light exhibit a couple of floors down which pretty much ruled. Take some shrooms or acid, wear a diaper and enjoy the show.

This shit is just awesome. 

Finally got to check out the Slurping Turtle in River North and get my ramen on. Same owner as Takashi, but a little bit more casual and white. My ramen was pretty solid with a nice creamy broth but no spice, despite how red this may have looked. Fuck ribs bringing on the itis, eat a bowl and call it a night.

The album covered that never was. This was one complex vibrator to paint.

Twigs and berries. Breaking down root vegetables will make your jerk off arm fucking hulkish. 

In the middle of my prep, I painted three Mexicans faces for their annual trip to dia de los tacos or something. 

Spun with the homie Pickle and got bit on my neck as a joke by a local who must have thought I tasted like Chinese food. Jokes on her though, she now has the clap.

There is poo on this pole. 

Made a quick stop to Rotofugi, which I havent done in a long time and it was awesome to see Ken Keirns killing the oil painting game and Chema Skandal doing his killer illustrations. I felt very little after seeing this combo, it was also cold outside. 

Birthday time. I'm old. Lets beat the shit out of a donkey to feel better. 

The rowdy Sunday crowd. 

It ain't a party until a chocolate dick shows up. 

Joey Potts getting served by the pink donkay. 

Fuck yeah Solemn Paul. Thanks! Not to mention the bottle of Williet I got from Nathan and Virginia, the artwork and stickers from Caity, Skillet, Noah, Krysten for making bomb ass food, Anne for the cupcakes, Tony for letting me use his house, Tazm and Krispy for the cock cake, Nikki dips for the dranks, Serg and Josh for the ceviche, Abie, Jenny, Czr for the beer, my brother and Sang for picking up the drunk pieces inbetween everything, and Dio for holding my hair whilst I threw up all night.

I don't remember this photo. It was a long night. It only gets worse from here. 

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