Saturday, October 26, 2013

Repetition Is The Best Way To Learn.

I love new strange chalkboard ideas hatched up by creatives to display things, I also love it when they make it so heavy that only the Gods would be able to make it budge. Maybe I'm just weak. 

So many gooses lost their lives to a good cause. 

I need one of these in my life. Makes running mundane errands like finding coffee an adventure. Especially when you look stupid trying to park the bike and not being able to figure out the kickstand. 


Popped a boner and salivated at the same time...then I saw the tub of Sweet Baby Ray's and immediately felt dirty. 

It finally all made sense. The tin hat is a nice touch that makes it look like they found this in an alley somewhere. 

Gillian tasted pretty good. Damn redheads. 

Want to know how to get beer people mad? Drink in front of them before they are let in. It just boils the weird zits on their face from drinking too much in life. 

Bourbon County Rare aka alcoholic Kikkoman soy sauce.

Tokyo Police Club rocked it. None of them were from Japan though. 

Don Pedro is my jam. Any spot that garners this kind of line has to be good. Be warned though that every Saturday and Sunday has a line this long with ppl that stare at non Latinos. If you can get past that, your reward is receiving every glorious part of the pig, intestines and all. It's also the perfect way to lose some weight right afterwards, if you get my drift...I mean pooing. 

Back at Mana Contemporary where we didn't realize that there were so many other floors and shows happening during Fountain Art Fair. Really neat and well laid out space. I've also never seen so many white people I didnt know in my life. 

Billy Craven and the family trying to make music with that weird swing set, drum kit, thing. I hate that swing set. 

Had to do two of these 10 footers only to realize that the header was supposed to read Goose Island Beer Company...REALLY? 


Got to be in a group show over at Maxwell Colette gallery themed around FEAR. Curated by the fellas over at The Full Hearted Collective, This show had some stellar pieces. I felt honored and ashamed at the same time. I should have been an accountant. 

Another day, another client, another last minute job...this will continue. 

Ill eat anything that looks like the way itll come back out. 

Perfect recipe for a hangover. 

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