Friday, October 4, 2013

Michigan Knows How To Drink

Took a little beginning of the week trip up to Michigan for just the fuck of it. The Amtrak ride was quite luxurious. Lots of water and nature and lots of crackhead looking towns along the way...its a great Midwestern balance.

Met up with the homie Dreas who wasted no time in taking me to get some beers and experiencing Grand Rapids in the 3 hours before last call. Brewery Vivant was the first stop. Great location and beer and I can't stress enough how much better the beer tastes in its own town. God damn.

Winchester was next where my insatiable sausage/charcuterie craving came to a screeching halt with this board. Not sure why they put like hot bacon on it, but pig is pig. It was pretty good and salty which is exactly what I needed to go with my dehydrating overhopped MI beer.

Quick stop at Hop Cat which is voted as one of the best beer bars in the country. Way too overwhelming with only like 1.5 hours left and a good strong buzz already going.

I forgot the name of this pinball bar but it was right up my alley complete with outdoor signs indoors! SO KOOKY!

This is where my buzz would turn into full on drunkenness. I don't have much to say about this place because I really don't remember much about it. I just remember that I liked the way it felt in there. Maybe it was because I was slowly pissing on myself.

This is just a small sampling of Dreas' art collection. He alone has probably supported 75% of the art community in Chicago during his stay. All you "supporters" can learn a thing or two about investing and proper budgeting to have cool shit in your homes.

He also shares gay ass looking beers.

Time to visit the homie Ryan up in Fennville where Virtue Cider lives complete with the most obnoxious chicken that I wanted to turn into nuggets so fucking bad...

Look at this cider hunk. He makes the apple orchards blush. He also likes to slap people in the face for some reason.

This is always a welcoming sign.

Theres just shit growing everywhere up in this mother.

When in Rome.

Checked out a local gastro pub called The Salt of The Earth where the Chef is proud to be a Fenvillian and is strong with using what is local and delicious. He also happened to have just cut off his long ass dreads when we ate there.


Country ham for breakfast. I was the farm hand that fed the staff in the morning.

Back to work .

Belgian Fest over at Goose Clybourn was a rough way to start a Sunday morning. The Chloe was one of the main highlights not only because 18th street is the shit but because Joey Potts does all of the art work for them. I would fuck that dog.

More culturish things. I went to check out PechaKucha over at Martyrs. It was an awesome group of presenters who basically told a story with 20 images each with 20 seconds. It was a group from all over and all walks of life.

Felt inspired so I finally stayed home and painted a couple of pieces to probably eventually sell on Facebook for 25% of what I originally ask for at galleries and shows...OH ART!

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