Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting All Cultured And Shit

Yes - I am super behind on updating this blog again as indicated by the PUTS show I went to check out almost a month and a half ago from today. Conclusion - they were good and I barfed right before the show and still stuck it out till the end of the night. Trooper.

Cooked another Kosher vegetarian bachelorette dinner thing. I'm starting to pigeon hold myself with these specialized dinners. I'm dreading the raw, gay/lesbian, corn diet divorce dinner.

Checked out a lecture with a dancer from a reputable dance company at the High Concept Laboratory in Bucktown and quickly realized how little I know about dance and super supportive parents for the creative arts. This is why I've always been jealous of mutts, not only are the offspring always superior in looks, the parents are all happy and supportive.

The same night, I went to see a documentary movie about an ex dictator responsible for genocide in SE Asia producing a semi fictitious telling of all of his war crimes. His parents were 100% Asian and definitely not supportive of him.

Dio invited me out to a macaroon/champagne presentation at the Met Cap bank in River North. They have interesting art work all the time in the upstairs cabin-esque like reception area. Its refreshing to know that a bank has culture and invites its members to outings such as these. I felt like an aristocrat until I saw food stains on my shirt...pants...and underwear.

Squeezed in a quick painting sesh for the DJ booth over at the Gallery Bar. I kept thinking about toilet paper while I was painting this.

Beer trivia night The Chicago Beer Geeks is always a good time. Its the one time a white dude, an Asian dude and a white actin black dude can school a bunch of straight up white people on beer.

Speaking of which, two of the whitest people I know Booker and Shawn won that shit.

Pugs Atomz is not so white, but once that hat comes off, the dreads soon follow.

My first of two live art gigs in one night. This one for Buckefeet at their popup store downtown which may have been done in a record time of 1.5 hours. I also stole a bunch of candy.

The second gig was over at Five Star Bar in West Town where the bar celebrated the mural that CZR and I did over a month prior.

Here's Joey Potts doing his best impression of a scene in Jacobs Ladder.

This is the only picture I have from the night, we all collaborated on two live art pieces and when I say "we" I really mean only like 4 of us.

I really really needed this.

My plate offering for a Descutes tasting at the Whole. Beer braised golden beet puree, fennel slaw, seared scallop, chorizo powder.

The homie Trimm hooked it up with some backstage passes for The Oddball Comedy tour where he was djing for Hannibal Burress. Dave Chapelle is a pretty funny dude...I guess that's why hes RIIIICH BIIIITCH! ugh, I'm so sorry for that.

Ever shit in an air conditioned bathroom? It's pretty amazing. It turned me into a cool looking white guy.

This was my view for North Coast Music Fest. I don't really need to say anything about this but I really really wish that yellow dude wasn't Asian...he was, what a set back.

I tanned into a Filipino person painting this outdoors all day. It was a scorcher, my balls were in constant salt water.

Got to check out Pugs and company in front of a bunch of empty pizza boxes.

Zore kilt it.

Fel and his usual happy self.

Everyone should end their Sunday with a little Wu in their lives.

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