Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crunch Time, It's Getting Cold Out There!

My breakfast came hallowing in. Thats how you know know its delicious. 

Mother of Pearl. 

Joey Potts, Dio and I went to Hot Pop Gallery in Milwaukee, set up 53 pieces of work, had a beer and called it a days work. I still dislike the Public Market there, sorry Milwaukeeans, I just don't understand why it has to be soooooo expensive. This show will be up until the middle of November and has awesome artists from all over the Midwest with an amazingly forgiving price list...These will make great HANNUKWANAMIS gifts. 201 N. Water St. in Milwaukee, WI. 

Back to work the next day doing a collaborative dinner with Flesh For Food and JBF award winning food blogger and author Hank Shaw. He is currently on a book tour funded by himself for his new book "Duck, Duck, Goose." You'll never guess what kind of meat he features. 

Awesome times, awesome Virtue ciders and little known fact about Hank Shaw, He knows his golden era hip hop catalog. 

Couldn't have said it better. Daffy was delicious. 

I can finally cross of painting outdoors at NEO night club off of my bucket list. I've passed this place so many times in my youth wishing to paint the walls some day and I finally got to as well as realize how many people must use the smoking area as a bathroom/drug den during the day when the club is closed. 

Best quote from working this day, "Here's a hammer just in case some methhead tries to get in." 

Taking it back. 

Another last minute job, but this one takes the cake because I was called for this while at another job a few hours before it needed to get done, good times. I also learned a valuable lesson...don't drink with bar owners, they drink harder than any chef/cook/waiter/artist out there. 

Stress reliever. 

My entry for the Deck The Halls show over at Vertical in November. 

This was truly a nice stress reliever. Volunteering to help bottle, wax, and package Goose Clybourn's sour wheat beer. I would love a job like this, where drinking is almost mandatory...oh wait. 

Went to Galerie F to check out the Your Are Beautiful gang and Matt Hoffman's new cut outs. The show, like all of his shows was amazing. Every single piece, whether his own or the curated artist had a lot of soul and heart in it. It was inspiring and made me feel less crabby than usual which is saying a lot. 

A temporary installation for Co Prosperity Sphere's Mashtoberfest, inspired by the Danzig logo. 

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