Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who Let The Gout Out? .

Checked out a stencil show at the Vertical Gallery and almost forgot how handsome Superman really was. Fuck these new jacks and their fancy muscles, I like my Superman relatable looking like he can eat a hamburger now and then and not really care. 

There were a lot of other cool pieces but I feel like once you've seen one cool stencil piece, you kind of seen them all. One too much overspray.

These beauties were found over at Big Jones over in Andersonville. Classic Southern food that will make any hangover seem like a weak baby's punch. Everything was as good as it looks in the pictures. They got the classics such as biscuits, corncakes, rice and beans but without the hateful racism that's usually associated with it. 

Walked over to the Half Acre tap room for the first time and realized how much Chicago really drinks. There is absolutely nothing else to do in this room but sit, drink and shaddup you face. 

While on the other side of town at Parsons you can have one of these beautiful pickle back whiskey shots while watching girls in mom shorts suck at ping pong and eat trendy fried chicken for $6 a piece. 

I actually still do paint. I swear. I dont know what bad acid trip I took painting this but apparently I was into assholes and belly buttons? 

Took a cocktail 101 class over at the homies spot The Barrelhouse Flats over in Lincoln Park and quickly realized that 5 old school cocktails, an Evil Twin beer and yuppies make for an awkward way back home. The beauty of the drinks were that I had a good strong buzz going but wasn't sloppy. I feel like thats the true tell sign of a good bartender....unless you have 10, in that case you better call you ex and start crying...oh wait - thats just me. 

Painted this for some beer about beer. Get it? Poppin growlers makes you pee in orange and gray waves. 

Sending off the homie Ted to NY in Korean style eating at our favorite cold beef noodle spot in Lincoln Square. I would tell you the name of the restaurant but everything is written in that weird ching chong language so I dont have that info. I'm the worst Korean. It was delicious none the less and Ted for once didn't sweat into his food.

Finally checked out Dryhop brew pub in Lakeview where the homie Adrian (Corazon) brews. It was a long time coming for this spot with the space having been rented out for over a year and people fiending for any kind of decent beer in the neighborhood that wasn't Miller, Bud, and/or gay. Beer is solid, as there is good lineage and with a Charlie Trotter alum manning the kitchen, how can you go wrong? 

Paint Louis happened this year after only a ten year hiatus. The walls were in terrible condition and the city...pretty much looked the same.

Got to finally check out 4 Hands brewery right by the wall and ended up being a chill time turning into fights turning into late night pizza and awkward hugging of the pillows. 

Ran into the homie Joe Knuks! Met this dude in Chicago a long time ago who had a lot of mutual friends in Texas who originally lived in Texas and Texas Texas Texas.

I love seeing fresh picked greens at a salad bar especially with the label from inside the bag that it came from. 

I still feel like a child around the ATT dudes. I've love all of their work for so long and now to know them all personally and to be able to make fun of them for being old and weird looking is certainly a blessing and a god send. 

I love painting while I'm sick. This is sort of what it felt like in my insides the whole weekend.

This greeted us in our motel room. I was more confused by the socks that were on top of this guide.

So here is the finished piece after a rain storm, nearly getting a heat stroke an adderal and 8 bottles of water later. 

Checked out a Korean/Thai/Vietnamese/American/Eskimo/South African restaurant something in the Lou and quickly realized that Korean food should be made by Koreans and Mexicans only. 

How random that the homie Pickel was playing St. Louis while I was down there? 

I was told that this is definitely something privy to St. Louians. Went in red hot, came out brown hot. 

While I waited for the others to finish up, Mega and I decided we had a litle bit of time to do a small sumthin sumthin. 

Then noticed that East and Rapes had already done like 15 pieces while I was finishing up my second. They may look like weird whities, but hell they paint fast and furious like Asians. 

Cyfn right before he took a piss on his own piece. So expressive.

Repos and Leks finishing up trying to shake off the effects of the weed brownie they inhaled the night before. 


Mega came correct with that purp skull. Texas Texas Texas.

Phers killed it as usual. What a dick. 

So what happens after being caught in the rain and eating shitty food all weekend with no sleep and drinking while sick? Not hypertension, but my good old friend GOUT. I've seen this poster many times getting diagnosed. 

I paint when I'm in pain, it makes my hair look blacker and more emotional. 

This needs to be reposted over and over again. It is single handedly one of the funniest things I've seen ever.

Finally got this one done with my work wife CZR. 

Not being racist but Nigerians love chicken. 

Gout or not, the show must go on. 

And they love Patron and fake fire. 

What do I love most about my staff? They blend in so well. Get off the Hookah and get back to work Crista.

I was that awkward dude with the gout boot that looked like I got photoshopped in the whole night. 

"RATCHET." - Sergiosssssssssssssssssss.

This is the only picture that explains what goes down during the gay pride parade...or every weekend.

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