Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taking It One Can At A Time

Imagine showing up to a painting job and being told that you have 30 minutes to paint a backdrop for people to stick their heads into to take pictures...

I don't know why the baseball player is wearing a skirt and why everyone is black. I think I didn't want to offend anyone but at the same time, just get it done. I also just realized that the hockey player just took a huge piss on the ground. 

Thank god I got to do something semi cool? No? Well at least I got paid. 

This is when I feel like I've made a difference.

I had to redeem myself somehow. 

I can never escape Saran Wrap, I think when I die I want to be wrapped in plastic, painted on and then finally buried. 

Poor guy. I did this hood for free because it was all scratched up and I jokingly asked if he pissed off a girl or something...and then I painted his hood. 

What is up with all of these last minute jobs???

My work wife CZR and I finished this in four hours just in time for the party not to have proper permits to give out beer and cancel the first weekend of events. 

I was a food vendor for the Low and Slow lowrider show in Pilsen and this was my offering. A pork bowl with slow smoked pulled pork, saffron rice, chimichurri, slaw and green onions, sounds good right? I got slaughtered by the taco stand RIGHT NEXT TO US. To their credit, they were good but try something new son! 

Joey Potts borrowed his wife's shorts and pulled it off quite nice. 

I felt right at home...

My party tent complete with striped hot pants. 

The homie Athens sent me this daytime flick from the previous night. Been a while for me and realized that I'm color blind at night. I thought that pink was yellow.

I finally got to try the foie corn dogs at Bangers and Lace and let me tell you that they were well worth the wait. Fucking richness overdrive. I could have crapped my pants and I wouldn't have cared or noticed eating these beauties. 

I also am taking these divvies out for a ride. I look and feel stupid, but fuck the CTA and that stupid Ventra card. 

Just a sampling of stuff I made for a vegetarian bachelorette dinner in what had to be the smallest kitchen I've ever worked in...ever. 

This is how we cope. 

This is what it sounds like when doves cry. 

Where do we go to unwind after a long day? A black bar of course! Ollie's is the shit though. The DJ looked like she just got out of prison, there was hip hop line dancing and Sergio showed the ladies whats up. 

Clearing out my scrap cans.

It's like all of my scrap cans all threw up at once. 

Nothing beats a Lolita on a hot day painting a wall courtesy of Joey Newrage. Thanks homie! 


Look at how big this dude is! 3 years and some change...mostly in his 90's In Living Color Fly Girl outfit.

Also finally finished this bad boy. A little larger and definitely a lot to take in. Maybe I should do some drugs. 

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