Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So, I Got To Meet And Have Lunch With Os Gemeos.

The whole experience still feels surreal. I have been aware of the greatness that is Os Gemeos for almost 20 years of my life. I have a short list of artists who have directly influenced, inspired and motivated me to do my respective crafts. 

I am still unclear how I got to be chosen to partake in the small media roundtable setting to speak directly to Os Gemeos the way I did. I didn't want to come across as a fan boy, but I knew that we would be kindred spirits having passion for graffiti be a common ground. 

The intimate media luncheon took place over at the RM Champagne lounge in the West Loop. I've never felt so under dressed and sweaty. Everyone looked like they were attendees at the Kentucky Derby. 

This is the label they created having credited Futura 2000 with getting them involved with doing this label. They were very humble in mentioning pioneers who they once looked up now being peers and friends. 

It was a great discussion having asked them about one of their first features in 12 ounce prophet (back when magazines were still sold and relevant) and basically just talking about graffiti. They livened up differentiating between "street art" and graffiti. They don't like being lumped in that category. They credit everything to drawing and music as their main starting point and direction before starting any project large or small.

And one of the twins is an amazing DJ. Like an actual DJ, blending and scratching. 

The after party was at the Chicago Artists Coalition. The big secret of the night was the the basement was air conditioned. 

Homie Big Once killin it after Os Gemeos. 

Ended the night with oysters at Maude's Liquors. 

Os Gemeos are humble, kind and passionate about their art. It's apparent when you see them answering questions without any filter or bullshit. It's so refreshing to know that artists of this caliber are so approachable and open to welcoming outsiders into their world. I felt very fortunate, humble and grateful for having met them and I can't thank all the great ladies over at the Hennessy camp for this opportunity. Huge, huge shout out goes to Gina Torres for making all of this happen and making me feel so comfortable at both events! 

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