Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting Colorful

Amazing time getting to paint with some of the city's best street artists and graff phenoms up in Logan Square. This was one of the best times I've had painting this summer thus far. Painted a bunch of fruity shit next to the homies Amuse and Cove. 

Fucking Jonski and Solo killin the game as usual. They painted self portraits and their dream job of selling Mexican ice cream.

Amuse - Large and in charge. Also painted as if on Shrooms. 

Calling the kettle black. 

Finally got to check out Billy Sunday for a jar full of food and a nice cold drank. I loved it in here nice and early with fellow shit heads Jason and Tooch. The food was light and tasty with the drinks cold and strong which is totally not gay sounding at all. 

I had some art thing at Simones but was infatuated with this enormous mural by Ruben Aguirre instead. I may make fun of him from time to time but that mofo can paint his Mexican ass off. 

This is how you fit 6 letters into a space made for 2. You lie and add a bunch of random shapes and call it a piece. 

Jon Simmons killin it at West Fest. People with Cargo shorts loved his set. 

Took a quick break to attend a house party happening simultaneously and saw why I never ever want to have a house party ever. 

Work is sometimes awesome. 

Especially when I get stuff like this. 

The glowing dildo is Bjork and she fucking murdered it the first night. 

Dio and I were able to avoid the inevitable down pour and check out La Luce over in the West Loop. Old school Italian filled with wet suburban hipsters and mom shorts everywhere. What the fuck is it with young kids and their mom shorts and pants? Are camel toes fashionable and looking like you have no ass in style? The food was really good by the way. 

Board in action. 

Cooking for one of my best friend's kids Bday. Andres turned 3 already and I'm the asshole friend who has only visited a couple of times over the years.

And this is why. I really wish this is how Spider Man really got down - in Trader Joes shorts and  a baby marvel tee. Oh, the joys of parenthood. 

This is what unequivocal bliss looks like. I will never have this again and it makes me kind of sad but then again I know what sex feels like at least...from what my friends tell me.

Stopped by Nikki's going away party. Damn shame to lose another good one. She was a beast in the kitchen with a mouth and lesbian haircut to match.  

A sea of young people who don't care about random pushing and or skin contact. God I'm old. 

This is one of the coolest things to happen at Pitchfork. I also look like I don't speak English with my transition lens and oily Chinese hair. 

I love doing last minute jobs because it makes me feel important. Sort of. 

Yes, I was this close to Kels. No he didn't pee on anyone or anything.  All I know is that he's mothafuckin rich and has quite the stage presence and released a ton of paper doves into the sky at the end. Now thats littering with swag son. 

If you ever wanted to feel insignificant, don't be Polish and go to an authentic Polish Deli like Andies and get ignored. It feels good to be invisible every once in a while. 

Oh, the possibilities. I look terrible in red, but a lot of other people look good in red which is good for me. Be on the lookout for these next year with Bucketfeet. 

Haven't done Atomic Sketch in a while. and just like any other time I've done it, there's a penis involved. 

Did a live art event for Baderbrau and Gallery Bar with the homies Solo RM, Joey Potts, and Uriel Correa. They basically killed it while I added sperm doo dads all over that piece. I also haven't sweat like that since I pissed my pants in public. 

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