Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doin the Do.

This is what happens when friends challenge me whilst drunk.

This is what happens when awesome friends with awesome girlfriends let me do my thang. 

Its that time of year again when the Cantigny arts fest happens and the minorities from the city come out and spray. It's always a good time and always interesting...especially arguing with "contemporary" artists who over value their work and think spray paint is some kind of gun. Good times. 


As long as this is around, everything is bearable. 

Quick pit stop with the homie Amuse. 

Always have a plan B. 

Day 2. Whoever sprayed on Saran Wrap first is a fucking genious or was super high and poor and really really wanted to paint on something. 

Unfair that someone like Jonski is this good with spray paint. Makes all of us look like little children. 

Can you believe Ruben was actually able to produce something this adorable? Just like father like son - super quiet and laughs randomly at weird things. 

Checked out the fellas behind Off Color brewing for one of their random receptions. The space is vacuous and looks like they stole all the equipment. Laffler is a kind of a mad genius though when it comes to his no frill approach to making beer. Especially when it comes to naming his equipment. The beers are delicious and light, I was partial to the Gose with its salty finish and slight sour taste or it could've been my sweat that dripped into the cup.

What do you do after a beer party? Go to an industry night and ball the fuck out with half off everything over at Gibson's. Alex, Nkosio and I wasted no time and ordered like rich white people playing golf. 

Needless to say, it was a pretty intense Monday and I was a little loose with the goose as they say. I have no idea what that means, I was fucking drunk. 

Checked out Mott st. over on Ashland and Blackhawk. This spot was like 6 other restaurants in its previous life ranging from Jamaican to Vietnamese to BBQ and now Mott st. has encapsulated all of these genres, but with a ridiculous price tag. When the fuck did brussel sprouts become so god damn expensive? Street food is supposed to be cheap and fast like a dirty hooker, not classy like a Charlie Sheen hooker. It was tasty and all but I would much rather have spent that loot at Ruxbin all day. 

Disappointed and broke, may as well hit a pig roast or three. 3 little pigs done in 3 ways. It all gave me a boner regardless. 

I didnt know they were serving dessert. Haha. Asian. Get it? 

The homies Chicago Beer Geeks collaborated with Wild Onion out in Barrington and came up with this delicious African American IPA...I mean Black IPA.

Second Pig roast that day with Flesh for Food who made cracklins to go along with the tasty libations and mahfuckin pig flesh. Shit was so good my balls fell off. 

This is how you end a good pig roast. With a bottle of beer that you have to kiss Hitler on the mouth to get. Google Cantillon and then ask for a High Life instead because they are hard to find unfortunately and every beer nerd's plaid shirt start to get sweat stains at the mere mention of it. 

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