Friday, June 14, 2013

Sensory Overload.

Checked out an Anticon showcase at the Metro. D33J killed it with his stationary set. The people dancing looked like zombies stumbling around. White people don't know how to dance, but we already knew that.

The next band House made me want to kill myself in the quickest way possible. Thank goodness I was friends with the bartender, there wasn't enough percocet in the world that'll make this band sound less annoying and whiny. 

And then Baths got on and I had to leave after two songs. I actually came to see Baths first and foremost, but just couldn't handle all the high notes and a pizza puff and hot dog sounded way more enticing.

My view from work the next morning. Not good for someone who is afraid of heights aka me.

I love working in black and white...unless its on all kinds of uneven bricks. 

Thank god this was meant to be seen from a distance. CZR spear headed this and killed it in his rendering style. 

This one is for the ladies...or fellas.

Went back to the Metro for Red Bull BC one battle. You get the idea, a bunch o dudes way healthier than you spinning in circles and grabbin their sacs. A 12 year old almost won the the competition. Step ya game up dudes! 

One of my favorite writers with a killer stainer from like 5 years ago. This kid goes in homo.

Ate some fancy shit, and drank some fancy shits at Slow Food's annual Pig Roast over at Goose Island Fulton. It was a chill party along with a few surprises such as the Jillian and Lolita straight out the barrel. I was a little lit by this point.

Also walked out with this nice little surprise courtesy of the homie Ryan who was feeling very generous this day. 

What better way to cap off the night with an almost 3 year bottle of beer with friends from Korea? 

This is 90% done up to this point. CZR lookin sad wishing he had a full greasy luscious head of hair like the biker just above him. 

Ugh, I look like an unshowered emo bum...oh wait I am just that. Pick up your copy of Cholos magazine - I also think I have the shortest full name in Chicago.

Ha. These guys are hilarious. 

I never thought I'd hive a Pomegranate's anus so much detail and time. 

Painted this wall at a friends house inbetween finishing work and having to go back to work for a meeting. Fun times. 

Got a hot dog across the street and saw a whole potato nugget in my stash. I'm just glad it wasn't a finger. 

So many things awesome and wrong with this. 

I like the whole build as you go michelada happening here over at the Taco Joint. 

Finally made it down to Naperville to check out the homie Paul. If it wasn't for this painted sign, you'd swear you were being taken hostage somewhere. 

I would love to be a hostage here though. 

Sweet little space already looking to expand and I expect to see many more barrels outta this spot. 

After sniffing barrels and ejaculating my pants, we decided that we needed to stuff our faces and decided to check out Two Bros. semi new brew pub, Roundhouse.

Just to show you to scale how massive the fucking entrance is. Tat and Ted are actually 8 ft tall in real life. 

The outdoor patio is a ginormous circle with a concert stage size gazebo in the middle. I was obsessed with this random enormous fire place. WHY??? 

Fucking nothing is small here - NOTHING! 

Except surprisingly the game sausage. I loved kicking it out in the burbs. Felt foreign but strangely familiar with a lot more greenery and rich white folk. I suggest everyone to take a metra, drive, and the fuck outta dodge if even just for the day until traffic dies down. It was refreshing and look forward to doing it again this weekend. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Where Do I Even Begin?

Im excited for this collab project with Nathan, where he does all the grueling work and I just do the fruity sharpie drawing. Ill update this project in future posts.  

I like to pick up random shifts over at Fat Rice to help out the homies and make fun of Tazm's almost painted on hair behind the line. Dude is a beast on that wok though and makes Asians like me ashamed of myself. Although I bet I can make a better burrito and speak more Spanish. 

Fuck yo turkey leg, I'd rather sink my teeth into one of these fuckers any day. Although I'd probably die of sodium'd be worth it to say that I died getting face fucked by a pig...again.

Best part about working at a restaurant that you enjoy eating at...eating the food that the restaurant makes. 

I realized that I never post any prep photos from the beer dinners that I do so here it is. Hulk jizz son.


I hate doing brunch. Actually I think I hate the whole brunch idea, totally made up bullshit like Valentine's, sweetest day, and Xmas. I am pretty good at making a mean bloody mary mix though and that surf and turf skewer was pretty tasty. 

Smashed red potato fried poutine with wild mushroom gravy, frisee salad.


Deconstructed lox sandwich - tomato chips, cucumber sorbet, quick pickled red onions, lox, caper cream cheese, everything bagel bites.

Tempura battered soft shell crab, bibb lettuce, challah french toast, lemon IPA syrup.

The logical thing to do after work is to bowl with friends for Trimm's bday extravaganza. 

Haven't been to the Fireside since the late 90's and it hasn't changed a bit, in fact it may have gotten worse. Although who can complain when you have the whole place to yourself? 

After bowl snack. 

Those are some intense veins. 

My homage to Groucho Marx

I was pretty high when I did this one. 

Quickly realized that this looked like jizz over tear drops. 

Went for the punk rock combo thing. 

Then I just got lazy and ended up eating the banana because I got high. 

Finally got to check out Ruxbin over in West Town. The meal was pretty amazing as was the service and beers that Tooch brought out for this meal. Despite @foxer85's worried face, the overall experience was pretty great. 

Oyster flight...FUCK! 

The octopus mean streak dish was one of my favorites.

This looks like a mean pile of brown but the lamb loin special for the night would have brought anyone to their knees ready to bukake themselves into oblivion.

Dessert was on the house after sending the kitchen a nice bottle of sour and a dark lord 2012. Go big or go home. 

Back to work. Rendering duck fat is both a tedious and delicious task. The wine dinner with Illinois Sparkling Wine would prove to be a drunken masterpiece. 

Marinated beet salad, seared duck breast, tendrils, brut dressing, pickled leeks, roasted kumquats.

Cauliflower fritters, radish apple slaw, curried risotto, kale chips (not pictured), and sunflower sprouts (also not pictured, I think I shot my load before finishing plating).

Grilled flat bread, romesco, wine butter poached lobster, grilled dandelion greens, caviar and shaved pecorino.

Dry aged rib eye, seared polenta, herb puree, mushrooms confit in duck fat. 

Rosé funnel cake, with rosé gelato, strawberry rhubarb compote, cider reduction.

Back to the drawing board...literally. This drawing is for Shawnimals' resketch project.  I'm glad to be a part of this project and now that Shawn shaved his face off, its hard to say no to that creepy white face of his. 

Dicks and Balls everywhere. 

Had an afternoon snack after drawing twigs and berries over at Lush on Chicago. Very chill atmosphere and comfortable A/C. 

Finally checked out Parsons over in Bucktown. They are boasting a patio that will seat and serve over 100 hipsters, douchebags, out of towners, asswipes, drunks, dick heads...they're all one in the same. Expect to see a lot of people you are not going to like. 

Its okay though because just drink two of these Negroni slushies and even the smelliest and douchiest of fedora wearing assholes won't bother you...unless you sit right next to them in the community booths. 

Gout city.

Fried fish was very good and hot...terrible pic. 

The fried chicken gets a big MEH. Underseasoned, and the skin was over cooked in my opinion and at $6 for a fucking two piece, I get to judge. Harolds and Popeyes is still king to me. 

This is the day after. 

Flesh for food killin it as usual on the pig game.

Drooo from Lowdive brewing collab is ready to either fuck that pig or eat a pork paper plate taco. 


Nikki just cant take any more. To her credit, it was a long long fucking day for all of us. 

Thanks for reading.