Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Squeezing One More In

You know whats awesome about having friends that brew ciders and beers? Always having access to excellent ciders and beers.

And dinner.

Here's Ryan celebrating his asshole's birthday. Its been gaping for almost 30 years. 

This is what a vegetarian kosher dinner can look like. 

This is what an awkward Asian cooking and using vegetarian/kosher tools looks like.

Feeling a little dirty from the previous night's dinner, I painted the gayest looking piece I think I've ever done. Thanks for the background Jash! 

I always forget how much I love Small Bar in Logan. Tucked away in Logan Square/Avondale, its cozy, non pretentious and always have a solid list of drafts. It's also home to one of my favorite Chris Silva pieces in the patio.

You may make new friends who read alone at the bar and get summoned to hang out with four strange men. 

It's the Goose's birthday. I spent a little time on this board having had to duplicate the original goose complete with almost 6,789 dots of shading. Bastards.

This is what guerilla catering looks like. A lot of crouching honkey, hidden knifey.

Catered the Proper Suit HQ jump off downtown Chicago where the homey Noah helped make a splash and threw one of the best parties I've worked so far. 

It's nice to have a variety of friends that do a variety of things. In this case, this gentle Asian hand djing belongs to Tony Trimm using a mixer that I painted for him...so incestuous. 

Finally a color scheme that doesn't utilize all scrap cans. 

Back to back! This one is Logan Square near Fullerton and California. Good thing about being up top is that no street artist or gangbanger can stamp me...unless they bring a ladder with them, in which case they're just being dicks.

Ever wonder what 100 scrimps look like? Ugh, these guys really are the roach of the sea. At least they're delicious. 

Catering 101. More is always more. 

Catering 102. Always call ahead to make sure your butcher has product or else make your guests use fork and knives. 

Wined and Dined with Joey Potts for his birthday at an awesome Indian restaurant near North and Western that didn't give me immediate diarrhea. I don't know why I sat at the head of the table but it made for a cool shot? 

I finally got to check out the Mutiny over on Western and I gotta tell yah, this may be one of my new favorite bars in town. Divey, knick knacks, pool, cheap drank, and a cool ass bartender that'll cool your Rolling Rock if its not cold enough for you. 

If you ever want your dick to feel like a new borns, make sure to use the enormous mammoth urinal in the bathroom. I think it used to be an elevator or some shit.

I guess when you sell beer this large, you need a large urinal. Leave it up to a half Jew to find the best deal. 

Employee party signage...So many things to make fun of on this. 

It was a luau themed party complete with fake everything to make your remember that yes, you are still in Shitcago. You can't go wrong with free food though. 

Saw this thing on the way back home. How many hipster branches did you crash through before you boarded this train? How come normal hard working ass people get robbed, yet this (I'm assuming 40 years old) douche hole out of Kansas City is allowed to probe his myspace page on his phone freely? 

Worked a few last minute chalk boards for Goose's 25th Anniversary party at an amazingly large and jaggedly laid out office in River North. They just happened to have a race car just chillin in the lobby as well. I thought I stepped on to the set of Silver Spoons when I saw this.

Dj'ed a benefit at the FM gallery in the West Loop and I gotta tell yah that this was probably the least fun I think I've ever had playing music. Just from the beginning to the end and having to set up in the middle/end of the party is just the worst. Maybe I just sucked. 

Some of the awesome artwork submitted for my beer event at Co Pro. Over the Influence was a smashing success and a much needed break from work even though I was technically co running this event. It finally didn't feel like work. 

The homie Ted brought an extra special present that would make me blush like an old whore.

It was crackalackin.

Then this happened. I'm sucking the anus of an alien beer bong made by one of the participants. This will be the first and last beer bong that I do...for now. 

Snap. Follow me instead. #revisecmw - They have enough followers. 

50 possible drinks and I could barely get through 8 samples. 

The homie Flesh For Food and I did a collab beer dinner with Revolution and Solemn Oath beer. For better shots, check out Adam's shit.

This little man turned 3 already and he has no plan of getting bigger any time soon. He's also super duper obsessed with trains and cakes. 

Oh man. This face will get him in some trouble. 

I can barely think straight right now. This post isn't as "lively" or "crude" or "assholey," but you can't win em all eh? 

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