Friday, May 3, 2013

May Schmay, It's Still Winter Out.

This is what pure unadulterated frustration and anger looks like. All Chan Yu wants is his damn Thomas the Train video to load. It's scary to think that kids get this frustrated with technology that any generation before us would have marveled and called magic.

Stickers are easy to burn and put up. I feel no remorse for stickers. Not as thrilling as even a tag with anything but it gets the job done and adds a nice frame around stuff.

Checked out an awesome show at the Metro. The line up was pretty eclectic, but I think the Crombies took the show.  

What was I thinking?

This is what Central Illinois looks and smells like. Who the fuck needs "monster" anything? Ill just stick to the DIY, ghetto gas brand, thanks. 

This is why you're fat.

If I had a crane, I would flip this thing upside down. 

Carbondale graffiti has actually gotten better. 

Disturbing. He is drinking himself to laughter and enjoyment with paws as feet.

KRS-ONE would approve. 

One good thing about smaller towns in Illinois are the vintage and I'm sure what used to be racist food stands and shops. 

Had thrilling conversation with Abe and his lady friend at the ONE decent restaurant in Carbondale. I was told not to order the cheese plate...or anything off the menu for that matter. I guess it's the nicest because they have real curtains?

Muff 7 in usual awkward musical fare. Glad to see these guys back and Mexican as ever.

Jake doing an interpretive dance of waking sea lions on shore.

Madadam left his current home in tropical Costa Rica where monkeys greet him and wash his balls to kick it in Carbondale and sleep sitting up. 

After expelling all the fast food and strange hip hop hot dogs from C-dale, we checked out the Milt's Kosher BBQ in Lakeview. These pickles are complimentary and are freaking amazing.

I still have yet to taste a decent sauce in this city. All the sauces were okay but nothing stellar. Either too sweet or too vinegary. It's hard to get that balance. 

I don't think there is any way to make chili cheese fries not look like diarrhea. I think it's the random corn kernels. This pile was pretty on point though. 

I didnt feel like spending $45 for the kosher BBQ brisket so I did the next best thing and jewed it down with some sliders. No pork obviously but the brisket was nicely smoked and tasty, and the pulled chicken was pretty baller and moist. Everything was really tasty and I think Ill need to go back on pay day with a group of people that also got paid and share one thing. 

As if Rabbi approved food wasn't enough, I checked out Bar Pastoral for some proper charcuterie. This place was super chill. It made me wish I was a fat I-talian or some weird Spaniard wearing gaucho pants, instead I looked like a homeless Asian in a dirty holed up tee. Still tasty.

Started another painting for the fuck of it, and by the looks of it, looks fucked.

Almost done...this project is already almost a month in the works, not because its hard or time consuming, its because it's near Wrigley and impossible to schedule a decent time to work on it when there aren't 10 year old white kids barfing on the street. 

Ill go ahead and say it, I think hibiscus should be left alone for tea. 

Checked out the new installation at Believe Inn in Bucktown. Awesome painted work by Lauren Feece and short film collages by a slew of awesome artists including one of my all time faves and idol Anthony Lewellen.

Painted at the Nerd City official C2E2 afterparty at the Bottom Lounge where Skinner just happened to be playing some pinball. 

I forgot who the featured performer was, but she did her damn thing...and she was 5 months preggo. The show must go on! 

My drunken live art contribution.

I forgot who the first one is but he killed it and did it in like 30 minutes! Others include Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland and Joey pizzotts.

Checked out Antique Taco in Wicker Park. Pretty good...and pretty damn expensive. When did tacos become so god damn boutique? This is supposed to be food that poor people eat not yuppies with hummer strollers. Anywho, the meats and seasonings were pretty on point particularly the ribeye taco. The pork was okay, but I think the bacon is just overkill, its like a Kuma's style taco and like Kuma's, overdone. 

And yes there was a fucking line out the door for these things. 

Flesh For Food's one year anniversary at the Twisted Hippo head quarters was an exercise in excess. Drew killed it with his smoked shoulder bacon and just made a plethora of dishes utilizing the market offerings of the day. God damn, my body is going to pay for this one.

Bar got a little crowded. 

I barely remember heading back to Tony's crib where his neighbors dog runs up for attention and some crotch diving. Cowboy is an amazing dog and like any drunk Asian would, I took a flick of his damn pretty dog face. 

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