Monday, April 1, 2013

Just Another Day at The Offices.


I love painting in a grocery store after hours. It makes me think of all of the strange cartoon movies where all of the produce and grocery items coming to life and all have a party before being eaten by humans and being shitted out. 


Went to Urban Scouting's beer share event with fellow beer aficionados in Logan Square. This is just a small sample of the over 30 beers we popped open and shared. My favorites of the night were the High Lifes, and Stellas. 

Alex aka the Latin Rick Ross and Jay the Duck Dynasty's stunt double always looking cheerful at these kinds of things. Cunningham comin correct with all of the Bruery selections and perfectly combed hair. No one told him that he was sniffing someone's urine in his glass. 

Checked out Twisted Hippo's headquarters and had a few pints...that I remember.

I stuck with the Country Ale and quickly realized that I was guzzling the highest ABV beer they brewed. I definitely felt it the next morning.

Hey did you give a shit about St. Patrick's Day? Yeah, I didn't think so. 

Went over to South Bend, IN to help out with some chalk boards for a soon to be open Whole. It was nice to work on brand spanking new boards with nice juicy markers. It was also nice to not have shitty customers asking you stupid questions about whether or not a bottle of capers was organic or if Monsanto owns us.


Where do you even start with a name like this? Not only was the food terrible (go figure), but they had an Absolut Vodka flavored called "oriental." I don't know about you but knowing myself, that flavor will taste bitter and hateful. 

To make matters worse that same night...

There was a team of 3 flustered uniformed teens FREAKING out over 3 orders and this fucking tool wearing a scarf and gym sweats helping out. I don't think he was even an employee, I think this is what South Bend teens do for fun during the week night. 

Del Taco left a bad taste in my mouth and even a worse mess in the toilet, but the Parkview Tavern definitely helped redeem the bend. This bar is right up my alley, fat waitresses taking shots while taking orders, Weird Al Yankovic's gender neutral cousin and $3 pitchers of beer! I felt right at home...because I wore my klan hood.

Got to finally paint near my home and do paint my dinner on the wall. Sege and I took our sweet time and almost got frost bit doing this wall. Can't wait to do the next one! 

Not to be outdone by a dog, I did my best to make fast food mediterranean food look "cool." Do you now feel the rebellion of hummus and shawarma?

This is what walls looks like when I get to do what I want to do. Thanks Val! 

This wall lasted one day. I hate colors anyways.  

This was a real fun chalk board to do. I never thought I'd feel bad for wheels of cheese but Nathan did such a good job of capturing the chaos, I almost felt their delicious pain.

Did a Chicago themed beer dinner with the Chicago Beer Geeks the past week. It was sad to see that only about half the people knew about Claudio the tamale guy. Thats an indicator of how many Ann Arbor people have moved here in the recent years. Making all of this food also made me realize how unhealthy "Chicago" food really is.  

One of the last old school walls left in Chicago. Hyde Park is undergoing super yuppification now housing a giant Akira store, a beer emporium and a slew of chained restaurants. Its a damn shame that this wall may be gone by next year for a is the way of life around here these days.

Getting it in on one of the nicest days this year so far. You can tell its warm because K.Spacey's clothes start to match his pieces.

Always experimenting these days. 

Cove loves being awkward. 

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