Monday, April 15, 2013

Diving In Head First.

I know everything about this taco is artificial and chemical with no shred of real food whatsoever...BUT, this is pretty innovative as far as food science goes. Also made me realize how many pot heads work in this industry. Its also a great way to lose weight because I immediately shit for about 10 minutes straight after one of these.  

Now on the other end of the spectrum is Don Pedro's which is one of my favorite carnitas spot in the city. A little bit of this, a little bit of that along side some fresh tortillas, pickles and jarritos will get you nice and ready for a mid morning nap.

Set up my show at Modest for my solo show in years. Cool shop with great people who actually give a shit about helping out community. Also a great spot to pick up spray paint and see weird teenage boys literally just hang out and do nothing for hours. 

This is when keeping it real keeps it real. These hand painted menus made me realize how hard it is to accurately paint french fries. I wish those jumbo cups of soda were exaggerated but alas, this spot really does have cups this large to house your soda needs. This also brings the calorie count per value meal up to 8000. However, with this said, the deep friend pizza puff with mystery meat made me feel so damn good...for about 12 minutes.

Finished a commission piece that I wanted to keep for myself. Damn bills.

Awesome live show of Archer at the Chicago Theater. Most of the cast showed up and talked alot about gay sex. Also made me realize how short hollywood males are. Chris Parnell looked like Frodo in Gap clothing up there. 

The price list for my show was shockingly accurate. It also made me realize that I don't really like art sometimes. 

I like wood. 

Wanna feel stupid? wait in line to get inside a bar on a gorgeous sunny day to drink beer in an oppressively dark bar.

Luckily it was really good KBS from this year alongside some of 3 Floyds handles. 

And free BBQ from Man b Que. It was aight, I would have liked bolder flavors with all of their promotional materials being all rocked out and metal looking...the food did not match the mantra behind the "hardcoreness." If you're going to be "rock and roll" then be about it son! 

As if I didn't give my body enough reason for gout, Trimm and I checked out the charcuterie board over at Fountain head. I finally got to see a "pinched loaf" of bread but kept thinking about "pinching a loaf" referring to pooping. Made this plate of cured meats that much better. 

Chicagoans grill meat at the first sign of warmth outdoors. This humble plate was only the beginning along side 6lbs of more sausage, booze, beer, and greek pastries. This is the way to properly close out the week. 

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