Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Really March. Damn.

I dont know where to start so I'll start with what I wish I can really do at work sometimes. 

Dre day happened in Champaign, Il this year and on one of the piss breaks at a gas station was the dismal events board I've ever seen. This make me realize how farmy, midwesterny and down right depressing the rest of Illinois is. It also made me really want guns, spaghetti and pancakes. 

Checked out an interesting brewpub in downtown Champaign and it pretty much gets a big "meh." The bar was cool and all but the beers were just okay and everyone in there seemed like the were too cool for Urbana. 

Avoid this place unless you want to lose weight through your anus, not to mention the shitty grump that serves you your food and beer. 

Took a breather from painting and checked out a neighboring bar. The bartender here was a cockhole. I dont understand why a question like, "how do you tell which beer is which?" shouldn't warrant an eye roll you fucking asshole, now serve me my Old Style.

Sold at $40. Good to know that rest of the state don't know how to pay for art work - then again this is kinda sucky. 

It got thick in the spot. That dude slammin that forty like its titty juice picked the absolutely best spot in the house for this picture. 

I got drunk. Sorry Champaign. This is not the only thing I did. 

Went to another beer share hosted by the Miramontes at Sun Wah BBQ. We were all greasy bloated messes by the time this was done having consumed beer from all over the US, and at least 6 animals, 4 which we knew and the other 2 I assume were barking and meowing hours before. The Pliny growler was pretty amazing. 

The chaos that was the Iron Sandwich battle. 

I won. Balogna sandwich and all. 

My seasonal brew haha event Arts and Drafts happened at Intuit Gallery where one of the mystery meats from Sun Wah was found.  

Cool event. Lots of beer was consumed during and after the event. 

Checked out Hannibal at the Merle Reskin where he debuted his single "gibberish rap." Complete with ballerina dancers, a juggler, elmo, and a Korean DJ. 

Having my artwork on permanent display at Schwa is seriously one of the best compliments I can receive. I saluted this moment by tugging it a little longer in the john. 

What can I say about Schwa that hasnt been said about any methadone clinic? 

Had a catering gig at a high end clients house complete with all gay guests so you know I had to step my haaaaaaaaaay up. 

Finally checked out Hearty Boys, after living right down the street for years. The brunch was good...I really have nothing else to say about this. 

Holy fuckballs. Its like I died and went to 80's Asian male heaven. A full bar and all you can play video games? I quivered a little and then realized that the Hearty Boys wanted to come back out to represent in the toilet. 

Here is my random experience of the year. I judged a semi final round for a high school slam poetry competition. The first piece was about rape. This was actually a good experience as I realized that all young people are dumb, in fact they were all pretty damn intelligent and elegant using the English language. This also made me realize how dumb and uh...dumbererer I got with age. I also ended up getting booed because I didnt give everyone 10's for their score. 

Soup Sunday crew in full depressive old man effect. What so funny is that literally an hour later, a pinata, shots, four dogs, and a straight up dance party would occur. 

Painted indoors, got high and started to see a lot of colors. 

Only one way to reward yourself. A bari sub. 

This made me blush a little because I have to same initials branded onto my testicles. 

I dont know what to say about this but that Nathan West is a genius when it comes to painting dogs with floating hats. 

Artists are strange people. I wanted to eat every single one of those cheese wheels except for that herpe crater in the corner. 

This is graffiti done right. 

Finally checked out this place too. I may need to go back here and eat because maybe I was missing out on all the hype. I thought this place was okay, not slurp your balls great like everyone's been saying. It was okay, plus I wanted to eat me some mahfuckin donkay. 

Finally one day of semi warmth! Got it in with the homie Mega. 

I wasn't lyin about that pinata son. 

You ever see a Goose sperm head? BAM! Now you have. 

Real produce makes painted produce look dumb. 

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  1. As a former Champaign resident I know exactly who you're speaking of at the esquire. i love the esquire and a lot of their fried goodness, but especially their pineapple infused tequila.

    For future reference, Blind Pig has two locations--one is the brewery with fewer taps and mostly their own beer (totally meh) and the other one has way more taps and they are usually really fucking awesome.