Saturday, February 9, 2013

So Like I Almost Died And Stuff.

Ok, the title may be a little over dramatic, but I did fall asleep like an asshole and burnt the shit out of this pizza that was left in the oven. I woke up to a fireman and my next door neighbor at 4am. I still went to work and smoked out the whole hallway and I still thought about eating this becaue I was still hungry. 

Finally got to check out the Flower Flat Cafe in Wrigleyville. Quaint little spot that is an apartment/restaurant that opens whenever the hell they want it seems. It took me almost a year to eat here because the hours are so damn wishy washy. 

A lot of knick knacks here plus they still use a TV/VCR combo for entertainment. 

My longtime Joanne had a baby. She looks real cozy and comfortable. I'm jealous only babies get to travel like this.

I've never seen a can of beer this full in my life. It was filled to the brim. Nothing more to this picture, I just felt really lucky. 

Went to a bear/karaoke party for Todd and Bryan's bday party in Chinatown. I've never felt so thin in my life. 


The smaller bears get to eat after the bigger ones had their fill. 

Super bowl turkey chili for Trimm's annual party. My stool the next day basically looked the same coming out. 

Speaking of shit, the reruns for this show happened again. 

Got to try an experimental beer from Goose equivalent to a pale ale of sorts. Refreshing like high life but not a high life. 

This is the saddest game of squares ever. 

At least some bitches were there. 

Finished a commission this week. I almost painted the North Korean flag as a joke, but that would have been an expensive and time consuming prank.

Same client, different direction. This was a lot of fun to do. Combining two names into one composition, and also representing the lakers at the same time. 

Checked out 2 Sparrows on Diversey the other day for lunch. The inside is cool and all but the food gets a big "MEH" from me. My cuban sandwich was pretty flavorless and I bit into way too much fat. And the distribution of the pickle was way off. Laying one enormous slice of pickle for the whole sando is too much work. Good effort on the tots making them huge and different but the middle was completely uncooked. My gumbo was do you make sausage bland? The ketchup was baller though and I do want to try the brunch. 

Went to the Green Exchange near Logan Square for the You Are Beautiful show. I can't believe its been a decade for this global message/movement and whats awesome is that it started here! Hats off to Matt Hoffman who absolutely killed this show.

Environment friendly cock rings. 

My privates appreciates this. 

Hell yeah Antck.

Some more of my favorites, Scott Shellhammer and Joey D. 

This will be mine one day.

This was one of the best shows I've been to in a very very long time. It was so refreshing to see a space utilized the way it was. Hats off to all of the contributors and artists that were super cool and cordial. I had a great time. 

Thanks for reading!